'Siri, get me Denmark': 'Coconut Kelz' on Zindzi Mandela

21 June 2019 - 11:50 By Unathi Nkanjeni
Thoughts on Zindzi? 'Coconut Kelz' has a ton of them.
Thoughts on Zindzi? 'Coconut Kelz' has a ton of them.
Image: Twitter/@CoconutKelz

Satirist "Coconut Kelz" is back, and this time she is addressing Zindzi Mandela after her "apartheid apologists" and "land thieves" tweets went viral on June 14.

Lesego Tlhabi runs the account and her alter-ego, "Kelz", often addresses South African talking points from a white perspective.

Mandela created a stir on social media after tweeting that "apartheid apologists" would not rule again, adding that she was not accountable to any white man or woman for her personal views.

While some have criticised her for her "divisive" comments, others have supported her.

The EFF and BLF on Tuesday defended Mandela after AfriForum called for her removal from office. She is the South African ambassador to Denmark.

"Kelz" took to Youtube to address Mandela's comments, saying just because it’s true, it "doesn’t make it nice".

Watch the video below:

"Kelz" got a thumbs up. Even Mandela said she found the joke funny.