SA-born Instagram model sells her dirty bathwater for R400 a bottle

Saucy cosplay star Belle Delphine sold out of her used 'Game Girl Bath Water' ... twice!

16 July 2019 - 21:04 By Sanet Oberholzer
Who knew used bathwater could be so profitable?
Who knew used bathwater could be so profitable?
Image: 123RF/123rfanton

Whoever came up with the phrase “don't throw the baby out with the bathwater” clearly didn’t know that you shouldn't throw the bathwater out either — not when it can be be bottled and sold for R400 a pop. At least, that’s what you can charge if you’re 19-year-old social media sensation Belle Delphine.

Delphine, who hails from the United Kingdom but was born in South Africa, has built up a 4.5m-strong Instagram following by posting NSFW (Not Safe for Work) snaps where she's depicted as a scantily-clad Japanese anime character come to life.

Belle Delphine poses with one of the bottles of her used bathwater that she was selling for R400 a pop.
Belle Delphine poses with one of the bottles of her used bathwater that she was selling for R400 a pop.
Image: Belle Delphine/Instagram

The cosplay star recently sold her used bathwater for $30, or a little over R400, a bottle via her website. Marketed as Gamer Girl Bath Water, the product sold out in just three days.

Emboldened by her success, Delphine decided to brew up a second batch, which also sold out.  

The Instagram model's novel money-making venture drew mixed reactions from social media users. One Instagram user commented on her post saying, “If you buy this you have failed humanity”, while another claimed they will be “purchasing 10 gallons” (more than 45 litres).

The Gamer Girl Bath Water was sold with a disclaimer stating that it was not intended for drinking and "should only be used for sentimental purposes”. Regardless some buyers have claimed to have drunk, cooked with and even vaped the liquid.

Rumours soon spread online that people had contracted herpes from the water; claims Delphine refuted on Instagram.

Selling her used bathwater is the latest in a series of outlandish antics that have helped Delphine amass her sizeable social media following. You can watch her frolicking with her "best friend" — a dead octopus with glued-on googly eyes  — on YouTube, or head over to PornHub to see how she trolled fans with double entendres by posting explicitly-titled videos that turned out to be perfectly innocent. 

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Beyond selling merchandise like posters on her website, Delphine sells access to her personal Snapchat account — which she says is her "naughtiest social media" — via Patreon. Subscriptions, which range from $1 to $2,500 a month, will get you access to varying amounts of lewd content.

Despite selling saucy snaps of herself, the Gamer Girl confessed in an 'Ask Me Anything' post on Instagram that she would feel “super uncomfortable” posting real porn because sex is important and she doesn’t want it to be her job.

When asked what her end goal in life was, her response was surprisingly conventional: she wants a house, two to four children, a sheep and a goat. “I really like celebrating birthdays and seasonal events so I hope in the future I can host them for my future family,” the star said.