Is Rihanna the best-smelling celeb? Yes, say those who have met her

30 July 2019 - 06:17 By Unathi Nkanjeni
Rihanna smells so good... its like "heaven"
Rihanna smells so good... its like "heaven"

Rihanna is not only a mogul but she also smells like "heaven". Well, that's according to multiple celebrities who have spoken out about the charm that is her scent.

Twitter user @Thickanna compiled a hilarious thread of videos and screenshots showing celebrities and influencers gushing about Rihanna's scent.

Most recently, rapper Lil Nas X was asked about his favourite smell and he responded, "Rihanna." When asked what she smelled like, he said, "She smells like heaven."

Although it's not confirmed which scent Rihanna wears, Harper’s Bazaar reported that she wears a fragrance by Kilian called Love, Don’t be Shy. 

Check out the thread below:

Lil Nas X:

Cardi B

Nikkie Tutorials:

Ryan Seacrest:

Jennifer Lawrence:

Nigella Lawson, Marilyn Manson and Graham Norton:

Jim Parsons: 

Andre Leon:

Bahjar Rodriguez:

Jackie Aina: