No more skipping lines: this AI system ensures bar queues are respected

03 August 2019 - 08:00 By AFP Relaxnews
The AI Bar ensures that everyone at the bar is served in the right order.
The AI Bar ensures that everyone at the bar is served in the right order.
Image: Nikolay Tsuguliev/iStock via AFP Relaxnews

DataSparQ this week announced its latest AI-powered product, the AI bar, which could defuse some disputes among patrons waiting for their drinks as it is designed to track customers' places in line at the bar.

The system consists of a camera that is oriented towards the bar and a large display placed behind it visible to everyone. The camera delivers a live feed of the people coming and going on the screen, and the AI Bar software tracks the individuals using facial recognition and artificial intelligence. A number is placed above each person's head, which represents their place in line.

If a customer has to walk away from the bar for any reason or leave the camera's view, their face will be remembered "for a short period of time" making sure that someone doesn't lose their place in line just for tying their shoe.

The AI Bar is capable of understanding what type of drink customers request and accordingly adjusts the estimated wait time displayed on the screen for each person to be served.

WATCH | How the AI Bar works

The system is compatible with a tablet application that allows bartenders to let the system know when an order is complete, who is next in line, and whose ID should be checked - if the AI Bar thinks you look under 25, it will prompt customers to prepare their ID.

To protect customer privacy, no facial images are stored.

The technology is currently being tested in the UK, so it's not available for purchase yet; however, the company said that it is currently working with breweries, landlords, and drinks manufacturers to eventually put the AI Bar to public use.