Defeating naysayers and staying the distance: Five must-read stories on Somhale

02 October 2019 - 06:19 By Unathi Nkanjeni
Somizi and Mohale continue to be in the spotlight.
Somizi and Mohale continue to be in the spotlight.
Image: Instagram/Somizi Mhlongo

Love them or hate them, Somhale are in love and it is only just getting started.

The couple, newly known as  Somizi Mhlongo-Mutaung and Mohale Mutaung-Mhlongo, almost broke the internet over the weekend with their star-studded traditional wedding in Kibler Park, Johannesburg.

Here are five must-read stories about their love:

Somizi in a relationship

Somizi first revealed on his then Metro FM morning show with DJ Fresh in July 2017 that he had entered into a new relationship about 12 days ago.

He said: “We video chatted for the first time last night. Before this, we were just calling or texting. So far so good.”

Introducing Mohale

After months of hiding his name and face, Somizi finally let the nation see his partner's face when he shared happy snaps of the two of them at the Sun Met last in January.

“Finally u get to see the bae. Lol. No more hiding. Anyway. The day is amazing. Great ppl. Awesome champagne.”


The pair soon became Mzansi most loved couple and even got the name “Somhale”.

In March 2018, Somizi put a ring on it on a “love lock” bridge in Paris.

A post by Mohale on Instagram showed Somizi dropping to one knee as they stood on the popular bridge. Cclearly surprised by what is happening, Mohale became emotional before eventually saying, “yes”.

Count down and cheating rumours

While the couple counted down days before their wedding, rumours surfaced on the internet that Mohale was cheating.

Recently, fans of Living The Dream with Somizi accused Mohale of being in arelationship with Somizi because of the fame and money.

However, Somizi shut down those rumours when he shared an “open letter to jealous B**ches” on Instagram.

Tying the knot

Haters and naysayers ate dust this past weekend when the two got hitched.

Putting haters in their places and gushing over his husband while doing so, Somizi took to Instagram to share a post with a caption that read: “Dear Lord. May this be our forever. Mohale Kganya is in love. I’m on (sic) it to win it.”

Forget Top Billing. If you wanted to see a magical wedding all you needed to do was watch social media this past weekend as Mzansi celebrated Somizi and Mohale's traditional wedding. The pair tied the knot at Mohale's family home in Kibler Park, Johannesburg, on September 28 2019. It was a star-studded affair, with some of Mzansi's most famous faces in attendance.