POLL | Can you go without sugar for 90 days?

07 January 2020 - 07:21
By Cebelihle Bhengu
Many are attempting to quit sugar for 90 days to shed weight.
Image: Ruth Black/Shutterstock Many are attempting to quit sugar for 90 days to shed weight.

For months, a social media movement to quit sugar for 90 days has been brewing as people attempt to shed those unwanted kilos.

Having ushered in the new year, tweeps have started to participate in the challenge again to see if they can learn new, healthier habits.

Author Sam Hlonyana, the man behind the movement, acknowledges on his website that the challenge is difficult for many, saying “the biggest issue with the health and wellness industry is that people are advised to change too many issues at once”.

He admits to having struggled to quit sugar when he first took part in the challenge, but says the benefits outweigh holding on to the unhealthy habit. By coupling this with drinking two litres of water daily and running 5km three to five times a week, he lost 13kg and dropped a pants size.

Hlonyana wasn't always healthy, but “in October 2018 I had an epiphany on social media. I saw a 55-year-old man who had a body of a 35-year-old. It dawned on me that I cannot be an overweight and unfit grandfather, I want to run around the house with my grandchildren.

“I made the commitment to start taking care of my health and get a six-pack (as a bonus) as soon as possible.”