This 19-year-old woman hasn't shaved in years & hopes to inspire others to #ReclaimYourBody

07 February 2020 - 08:54 By Cebelihle Bhengu
19-year-old dancer Macey Duff is embracing her body hair.
19-year-old dancer Macey Duff is embracing her body hair.
Image: Instagram/Macey Duff

Body hair is not disgusting or something to be ashamed of. It's natural, and if you're open to embracing it, it can be beautiful.

This is the message 19-year-old Macey Duff is trying to send about body hair, through her Instagram page.

Macey, from Nevada in the US, hasn't always embraced her body hair. Growing up, she was conditioned to believe that hair was meant to be shaved until her family moved to Hawaii, where her sister saw a woman with full body hair at the beach.

“I would shave any time hair began to grow. I was fearful of anyone even slightly glancing at my armpits, legs and bikini line if I had any visible stubble. I was struggling with accepting myself,” she told Media Drum World.

Though Macey was not the one who witnessed the woman, she was inspired by her story to embrace her hair.

“I struggled with the ability to comprehend why I needed to shave for someone else's comfort and pleasure.”

Despite receiving backlash online for looking “disgusting,” Macey frequently writes herself love letters, which she shares on Instagram to remind herself to keep going and inspire others.

In one of the posts, she reminds herself not to be discouraged by society's “unrealistic” expectations about women's beauty.

Macey is just one of many women who are embracing their body hair and sharing their journey using #ReclaimingMyBodyHair.

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