A meme story | SA: 'Don't panic, think of everyone.' Also SA: 'Tsek, I'll keep my 200 toilet rolls'

17 March 2020 - 10:59 By Jessica Levitt
SA, we're in trouble.
SA, we're in trouble.

On March 5 2020 the department of health announced South Africa's first positive case of coronavirus infection.

The reaction was mixed. Some people carried on with their daily lives, having just returned from an overseas trip and not understanding they could be infected, while other's saw a crisis in SA's midst.

Now, with more than 60 confirmed cases, life in SA has been turned upside down. Here's how South Africans have reacted.

Best life vibes

Social distancing and wipes? Why, asked some.

Preparing for the worst

Others got serious and knew what was coming.

The sneaky purchase

While many downplayed just how fast the virus could spread, shops immediately saw hand sanitisers and hand wipes sell out.

Privilege buying

After President Cyril Ramaphosa's announcement on Sunday night, which saw sweeping measures being implemented to prevent the spread of the virus, two camps again developed in South Africa.

On one hand, people called for calm and came up with solutions about how to help the elderly, frail and vulnerable in their communities.

On the other hand, privilege buying, sometimes referred to as panic purchasing, soon saw shelves empty, leaving everyone else who may need, you know, groceries, with dololo options.

G'bye, guap

Despite warnings about the major economic affects of coronavirus, and pleas from the president not to panic, people took out the cash, mid-month, and stocked up.

Spending like it's the end of the world, yo.
Spending like it's the end of the world, yo.
Image: Via Bonang Matheba Twitter

Brag status

You might think some people were ashamed about their purchases. You know, 200 toilet rolls and all. But no. Instead, snaps of full pantries with tinned pilchards and rice for days have made it on to social media.

What next, huh?

2020 has still got a while to go, folks, and the impacts of the coronavirus have only just begun.