A marathon during lockdown? Yes, it's possible & you don't have to leave your house

27 March 2020 - 12:13 By Jessica Levitt
Get moving and get fit.
Get moving and get fit.
Image: Facebook/Mzansi Lockdown Marathon Challenge

It's not just runners who have been left feeling out of sorts by the 21-day national lockdown. The fact that you can't leave your house unless it's for food, medical supplies or medical help (or if you provide an essential service) has left many wondering what they'll do to train their bodies and minds. Cause Netflix ain't it.

Enter the Mzansi Marathon Lockdown Challenge

Organisers said the idea was developed to help runners and all South Africans get through the lockdown.

“The objective is to inspire some running, to have some fun while we are locked down at home, to support each other and our wonderful running communities around the country, and to express solidarity with each other, our government who have stepped up to an incredibly difficult task, and of course all of the essential workers out there at risk. It is NOT a race.”

So, how does it work?

On its official Facebook page, organisers said it was an informal challenge and notes on distance from spouses and moms would be accepted.

“This is not restricted to runners with tracking devices. If you cheat you only cheat yourself.”

It said you could choose how to spread out the distance over the 21-day lockdown.

“The challenge is completed by successfully running/walking/crawling (but NOT cycling) a total distance of 42.2km during the lockdown. Participants are free to set their own pace. You can run 2km per day every day, 42.2km on one day, or anything in between.”

How do I sign up?

This lockdown could go two ways: either you avoid the scale during the 21 days because you know your PJs aren't a true reflection of your gain, or you get some movement in and take part in something fun.

You can sign up here.

Is SA keen?

Many have posted images of their Strava route, showing tons of repeats in a small space.