WATCH | Here's how you can work out at home using just resistance bands

Celebrity trainers and fitness influencers help users get an effective full-body workout without using weights

12 May 2020 - 10:37 By AFP Relaxnews
Celeb trainers are sharing workout routines using just resistance bands.
Celeb trainers are sharing workout routines using just resistance bands.
Image: 123RF/Dmitrii Shironosov

If you want to workout at home during this time of social distancing but you don't have any weights, don't worry. Celebrity trainers and fitness influencers Mel Alcantara, Kayla Itsines and Jen Widerstrom have all taken to Instagram during the Covid-19 pandemic to show us how just a resistance band can offer a challenging and effective full-body workout.


Mel Alcantara, aka Fit Gurl Mel and trainer to Kim Kardashian, is a big fan of working out with resistance bands. In fact, she even sells her own on her website and has posted more than one video during this period of stay-at-home measures to show us how to use them.

In her latest Instagram post she shows fans how to do a challenging workout starting with 20 minutes of walking lunges and followed by four rounds of each resistance band exercise, including banded hamstring curls, standing banded kickbacks, kneeling banded fire hydrants, banded step-outs, ankle banded jumping jacks, and frog pumps.

Mel details the number of reps to do in the post, although you could do less and remove the ankle weights for an easier workout. She advises her fans to watch the video for her instructions on how to do each exercise correctly and safely.


Kayla has already developed many at-home workouts for her fitness app SWEAT, and so she has been full of ideas during this period of social distancing on how we can keep moving at home with minimal space and equipment.

In one of her Instagram posts she shows followers how recovery bands can be used instead of weights if you can't get to the gym, demonstrating in a video how to substitute a resistance band for a barbell, a dumbbell and even a cable machine to do a bent-over row, a tricep kickback and a chest fly for an effective upper body workout.


Knowing that some of us might not have much equipment at home right now, Jen Widerstrom has taken to Instagram to show we can still get an effective arm workout even if we don't have any dumbbells to hand.

She gives followers three exercises to try at home using just resistance bands, including one to work both the biceps and triceps without weights.

She also gives tips on how to do the movements effectively and safely and reminds followers to keep a constant tension on the band, to keep breathing, even when it gets tough, to stand tall, and try not to arch your back. If it gets too challenging for you then don't stop, just go slower instead says Jen. ⁣