Fetch your body 2020: Critical tips that will help you get in shape (Yes, there's still time)

07 September 2020 - 08:03
The best time to exercise is the time you’ll actually do it.
The best time to exercise is the time you’ll actually do it.
Image: 123RF / Ammentorp

Weight gain memes have become common around the world during lockdowns. Why? Well, because millions have people have been outspoken about the extra kilos they've gained during lifestyle changes.

Forced to stay at home, curfews, exercise restrictions, gym closures, limited shopping time, comfort eating, a change in eating routines, depression, conflict, fear — you name it and people have experienced it.

The result for many is this:

And this:

Even this:

So, is there hope left in 2020 for you to turn things around? Whether it's just getting back to your pre-lockdown self or hitting those gains, your eating and fitness goals can totes still happen.

Exercise tips

Personal trainer Solly Mncube says the trick is to start small.

“It's important to start small to build mental confidence.”

Mncube says people need to be patient because small commitments will make goals more achievable.

The trainer, who focuses on weight management, toning and sports specific training, says it is also important for people to be organised.

“Be consistent. Prepare for the session the day before. Time management and commitment is important when working out.”

He advises that people ditch their scales.

“Try not to weigh yourself every day. Not every change will be visible to the naked eye.”

You can find Mncube on Instagram here.

Get your diet right

Dietitian Jessica Kotlowitz says lockdown has changed eating routines so finding a new routine is important.

“Even if you're still working from home, make sure you get into a good routine with your eating. Do your grocery shopping for a week, pack your lunch as if you're going to the office and stick to regular meal times.”

Kotlowitz, whose focus is plant-based nutrition, explains that eating mindfully is important.

“Lockdown has led to some bad eating habits, including snacking mindlessly throughout the day, eating in front of TVs and computers and eating at irregular times. If you're having a snack, dish it up on a plate and eat it in silence. These might seem like small measures, but they can help you to eat slower, feel fuller and ultimately eat less while feeling more satisfied.”

You can find Kotlowitz on Instagram here.

SA speaks

On social media, South Africans have opened up about their body goals now that warmer weather has started to emerge and Ke Dezemba Boss is around the corner.

Here's how some people are staying motivated in an attempt to fetch their body.