WATCH | LOL! Coconut Kelz to Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh: 'You could've been a Sean but you chose to be a Sizwe'

02 November 2020 - 13:52 By cebelihle bhengu
Coconut Kelz told Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh he is 'blessed' to have a white parent.
Coconut Kelz told Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh he is 'blessed' to have a white parent.
Image: Twitter/@CoconutKelz

Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh got an earful from Coconut Kelz, a satirical character created and played by comedian Lesego Tlhabi, after the social activist and author asked her what she thought of his latest haircut.

Kelz featured on Mpofu-Walsh's podcast, The Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh Xperience, when he mentioned he had been growing his Afro and asked Kelz for her input on his new look.

“You are literally in the middle. You are so blessed to have a Caucasian parent. I have dreamt of that my whole life. It's not something I can change now but it's really something I have always dreamt of, having a white parent. It's like you could choose to be a Sean but you chose to be a Sizwe, and I just don't understand why you would go the route if you could go to the privilege.

“If I were you, I would do what all our peers used to do in high school and just relax your hair.” 

Before getting into character, Tlhabi opened up about the creation and growth of Coconut Kelz. She said it was her way of sharing her experiences of being a black woman and to raise awareness about racism and privilege.

She also uses her character to share her opinion about the state of SA politics and reflect comments people make online.

“A lot of Coconut Kelz is taken from society pages, neighbourhood watch groups, political party groups. It's actually things I've seen and that's why it relates to people because they have probably seen these comments themselves on Facebook,” she said.