What Discovery Health’s digital services can do for you

Manage your health and health plan when and where it suits you

21 January 2021 - 11:55
You can manage your health plan using the Discovery website and the Discovery app.
You can manage your health plan using the Discovery website and the Discovery app.
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It’s quick and easy to use digital services to find information or change details yourself. You can manage your health plan using the Discovery website and the Discovery app. You can also get instant answers to questions about your health plan with Ask Discovery on WhatsApp.

What Discovery Health’s digital services can do for you

Let’s take Michelle as an example:

Michelle has been working from home since lockdown started. She has diabetes and is registered on the Chronic Illness benefit and the Diabetes Care programme.

Tools to connect you to health care while you stay safe at home

To avoid busy pharmacies, Michelle uses MedXpress and the Discovery app to order her medication for delivery to her house. She used to have it delivered to her workplace, but the app makes it easy to change addresses.

She’s also been using the Discovery app to have virtual consultations with her GP and has been able to take care of her chronic condition and speak to her doctor without leaving home. 

She and her GP use Track your health to make sure that she keeps up the exercise and screenings she needs to be as healthy as possible. She also earns rewards.

Tools that are ready wherever and whenever you need them

With lockdown alert level 1, Michelle decides to visit her parents in a different province because she hasn’t seen them in months. She’s not worried about her blood sugar levels during the drive there because she is careful about what she eats and takes her medication when the Discovery app’s Medicine Tracker reminds her to.

Soon after she gets to her parent’s house, she runs around the house with their dogs and slips and falls. It feels as if she’s twisted her ankle. Michelle’s mom insists they see a doctor in person to make sure it’s just a sprain.

The improved Find a health-care provider search tool tells Michelle that while there isn’t a network GP nearby, she has partial cover for a visit to the closest GP. She’ll have to pay him and claim back, but all she needs to do after the visit is take a photo of her invoice with all the details and submit the claim using the Discovery app.

As her mom drives her to the GP, Michelle wonders if she has benefits to pay for the unexpected doctor’s visit. Michelle checks this in seconds when she asks Ask Discovery on WhatsApp for her medical savings account balance.

Luckily, the GP tells Michelle that she’s just sprained her ankle, but that she should rest her foot for a while. Because she has diabetes, taking care of her feet is important.

She and her mom are grateful it’s nothing serious this time. But if it’s ever necessary, she can pre-authorise a hospital stay using the Discovery app or the website.

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