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'Bliss', 'Firefly Lane': Five brand new things to stream now

Worth binge-watching or a waste of time? We weigh in on the latest series and movies

14 February 2021 - 00:00 By tymon smith
The cast of 'Invisible City'.
The cast of 'Invisible City'.
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A Brazilian drama that mixes fantasy and drama in a mostly successful way. After the death of his wife, an environmental officer discovers a race of mythical beings living among humans. He begins to believe that they might hold the key to understanding his past and the world around him.

Where to stream it: Netflix

How much time you'll need to binge it: 5 hours

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A lushly filmed old-fashioned romance starring Issa Rae as a daughter looking for answers when her mother dies, and finding more than she bargained for when her journey leads her into the arms of a dashing young journalist played by LaKeith Stanfield. It's unashamedly true to the experiences of its black characters and their struggles while also remaining charmingly loyal to its traditional genre pleasures. The chemistry between its stars also makes it easy to be swiftly immersed in their blossoming romance.

Where to stream it: Showmax

How much time you'll need to binge it: 80 minutes

WATCH | 'The Photograph' trailer.


Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek star as a pair of misfits drawn together in the wake of personal tragedy in this disappointingly uneven sci-fi drama that is not as mind-bending as it thinks it is. An initially interesting premise is soon wasted by a confused and unfocused mish-mash of genres that never manages to satisfactorily resolve itself.

Where to stream it: Amazon Prime Video 

How much time you'll need to binge it: 85 minutes

WATCH | 'Bliss' trailer.


Think of this as an extended version of Beaches — the classic 1980s sentimental drama about female friendship. Starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke as a pair of women who become friends in their teens and remain solidly connected through good times and bad into their 40s, it's let down by writing that's emotionally obvious and ultimately not as engaging as it should be - nor worthy of the commitment of its stars.

Where to stream it: Netflix

How much time you'll need to binge it: 5 hours

WATCH | 'Firefly Lane' trailer.


Twentieth century cinema's master of the philosophically probing and poetic realisation of emotional inner life gets a welcome retrospective of some of his most innovative and memorable works. They include the Polish director's seminal Three Colours trilogy, the beautifully evocative The Double Life of Véronique and the politically provocative subtleties of A Short Film About Killing and A Short Film about Love from the pioneering Dekalog series.

Where to stream it:

WATCH | 'Krzysztof Kieslowski Retrospective' trailer.


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