Here's what Takeaways Twitter thinks of the Spur Drive Thru

03 June 2021 - 14:00
By Unathi Nkanjeni
Spur has launched its first Drive Thru outlet in SA.
Image: Spur/Twitter Spur has launched its first Drive Thru outlet in SA.

Spur has launched its first Drive Thru outlet in SA, drawing mixed reactions on social media.

The steak joint announced this week that it was offering customers a more convenient way to get their favourite meals — through the window.

The first Spur Drive Thru was launched in Pretoria North, Karenspark, between the N4 and R513. According to the restaurant, the initiative was inspired by its customers' lifestyle changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic

“Spur Steak Ranches is on a journey of transformation as a brand and business. The introduction of the Drive Thru is one of the progressive steps we are taking towards a more sustainable brand and business,” said Val Nichas, Spur Corporation CEO.

The restaurant said it would be making some additions to its existing menu, with snack meals such as “hand-held” breakfasts and “roadhouse-style” desserts introduced. The Drive Thru will also offer “tripchips” chips that are made to be enjoyed while warm and on the road.

Fourie said the idea of a drive-through had been in the works for two years.

On social media, Spur hinted that more Drive Thrus were on the way after fans asked when the concept would be coming to their cities. Others expressed their concerns about the time they would have to wait for their ribs.

Here is a snapshot of some of the reactions: