No need to worry about losing your memories again with Huawei Mobile Cloud

Huawei Mobile Cloud delivers nine layers of security to keep your data safe

03 November 2021 - 09:25
Visit today and register for your free Huawei ID.
Image: Supplied/Huawei Mobile Services Visit today and register for your free Huawei ID.

We’ve all experienced the panic that sets in when our phone gets lost or falls in the pool during those lovely summer weekends. What about all the photos I’ve taken? Or the cute videos I’ve made with my family and friends? And, of course, there’s that small matter of my contacts, my digital payments, the list goes on. Fortunately, with Huawei Mobile Cloud, you have a safe and secure home for your memories and a place to back up your most valuable data.

Think of the cloud as your data’s home away from home. Yes, it’s stored on your handset, tablet or laptop, but in the background, magic happens. Huawei Mobile Services has made it easy for your device to back up and restore your data and phone settings — all through Huawei Mobile Cloud.

All you need to know is that when you use Huawei Mobile Cloud, you’re covered with secure storage of all your device’s data. Even better, you can easily transfer this data and settings across multiple Huawei devices, and set it up so your content is backed up automatically. 

To unlock the world of the cloud in your hand, register for a free Huawei ID and enable Huawei Mobile Cloud on your device, and get 5GB of space for free. You can manage your data quickly by logging in to

There are also options available if you’re a heavy-hitter with tonnes of photos, videos and documents that need backing up. You can choose from 50GB (R179,88 for 12 months), 200GB (R539,88 for 12 months), or a whopping 2,048GB (R1,799,88 for 12 months). There are also three- and six-month packages to choose from, at an equally affordable price, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

To easily track down any of your misplaced Huawei devices, use the nifty Find Device feature. Not only can you see your device’s location when using a friend’s device, it also makes a sound so you can find it anywhere in the house, the car, or your handbag.

Huawei Mobile Cloud delivers nine layers of security to keep your data safe. So, there’s no way it will be seen by anyone you don’t want to see it, and no chance that your personal information will be stolen.

Visit today, register for your free Huawei ID, and start saving your data before that next big pool party.

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