Builders adds rewards to store card

Credit that rewards you (up to three times) with every swipe

10 November 2021 - 10:53
The Builders store treats you to up to 3% back on your spend, every time you shop!
The Builders store treats you to up to 3% back on your spend, every time you shop!
Image: Supplied/Builders

The Builders store card now rewards you after each purchase, making it a great way to get the most out of your everyday purchases. These new rewards can also be considered as a bonus for the shopping you already do as the Builders store credit treats you to up to 3% back on your spend, every time you shop.

3-2-1 rewards system

“The Builders store card allows you to shop across a wide range of products, at Builders, Makro, Game and any stores within the RCS network or online, and earn back rewards with every swipe,” says Munier Solomon, marketing operations manager at Builders.

Applications for the Builders store card are open to South Africans who are 18 years or older, employed, and earn R2,000 or more a month.

Some of the features and benefits of the Builders store card include:

  • 3% back when you shop online at Builders, Game or Makro;
  • 2% back when you shop in-store at Builders, Game or Makro; and
  • 1% back when you shop anywhere that RCS cards are accepted.

“Other benefits include free additional cards for up to three friends or family members, affordable monthly instalments with flexible payment options: revolving and 24- or 36-month budget plans, and customer protection insurance. The insurance covers your full outstanding balance in the case of death and permanent disability, and up to 12 months’ instalments for temporary disability and loss of income,” says Munier.

Five ways to maintain a healthy relationship with your rewards store card

Your relationship with your store card must be a healthy one and you must be in control. 

Here are six tips for maintaining a good relationship with your card:

Focus on quality not quantity: It’s easy to apply and get approved for a store card, but you should be selective with where you get it and why. Having a store card is a serious commitment. Do research and find a card that can provide you with the features and benefits that you want and fit your needs. 

Take note of any overspending habits: Don’t treat a store card like your ticket to a lifestyle you cannot afford. Splurging once in a while is no big deal, but life will be so much easier if you stick to buying what you can afford. Enjoy the convenience that making purchases with a store card offers instead of giving in to the urge to buy more than you should.

Start off on the right foot and be on time: This means paying your bill wisely. For starters, always make at least the minimum monthly payment. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help: Everyone needs help from time to time. Recognising the need sooner than later can make a big difference. Builders has expert advice on hand to help you manage your store card. 

Score big: Get yourself a card that gives you rewards to ensure you get something back with every swipe.

Getting a store card that has rewards may tempt you to spend more than you normally would just to earn cash back. Keep your spending habits in check as the extra cash back generated from overspending could easily be outweighed by additional interest charges from being unable to pay off the credit card balance each month.

Click here to apply for the Builders store card or visit a Builders store near you.

This article was paid for by Builders.