Critical thinking skills will set your teen up for success

The Cambridge curriculum from Boston Online Home Education will teach you critical thinking skills

14 February 2022 - 16:32
Learning to develop strong critical thinking skills will help your teen to succeed both at school and in their future career.
Image: 123RF/ismagilov Learning to develop strong critical thinking skills will help your teen to succeed both at school and in their future career.

The 2021 matric results have shown again that certain subjects, as well as pass rates, are in decline. The Covid-19 pandemic has placed strain on pupils who want to improve their maths skills as we are seeing a steady decline in the success of maths students.

A report by the department of basic education shows a steady decline every year since 2015 in the number of students who write exams for subjects vital to the growth of the economy, such as maths and science.

Educators have to find innovative ways to teach mathematics and critical thinking skills, so students can understand both the concepts being taught and the reasoning behind them. 

Boston Online Home Education focuses on the development of these critical thinking skills by using the Cambridge International curriculum as its instruction base.

Andrew Hofmeyer, an educator with a passion for learning and finding innovative ways to teach mathematics, supports the theory of self-determination, which, in layman’s terms, could refer to someone who learns by “figuring out” things for themselves.

This theory describes what it means to learn with autonomy, including learning with understanding and making sense of the instruction. This ties in with critical thinking skills and, Hofmeyer believes, forms the foundation of what the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) will require from pupils. Educators' expertise should maximise students' understanding of mathematics and conceptual mathematics, focusing on application and not regurgitation. 

Boston Online Home Education understands the importance of establishing strong analytic thinking capabilities in the minds of pupils. Students with a Cambridge school-leavers' education will have not only a globally recognised qualification but also sought-after critical thinking skills that will allow them to embrace the expectations of the 4IR workforce. 

Natalie Rabson of Boston Online Home Education says: “We cannot emphasise enough the value of critical thinking skills as we move into a fluid workplace and challenging future. Rote learning will no longer serve our students. How do we start to develop these skills? Study these tips and try to apply them daily.”

Steps for critical thinking:

  • Identify the problem or question. Name it, write it down.
  • Gather data, opinions, and arguments. Do some research.
  • Analyse and evaluate the data. Create columns if necessary to clarify the thinking.
  • Identify assumptions. Separate these from facts.
  • Rate the facts and opinions.
  • Using the above, make a decision/reach a conclusion.  
  • Present or communicate your outcome.

For more details, visit the Boston Online Home Education website or call +27 11 551 9000.


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