Mzansi, let’s help Chicken Licken find love for Jamie from Soweto

If you think you’re a match, you can create a profile using the new ‘Tender’ app

10 June 2022 - 10:34
By Sanet Oberholzer
Jamie from Soweto is looking for real love.
Image: Supplied Jamie from Soweto is looking for real love.

It may seem like a joke, but Jamie is serious about finding love and Chicken Licken is hoping to help him find his soulmate.

Appearing in Chicken Licken’s latest TV ad for the Love Me Tender burger, the 31-year-old plays himself, a guy from Soweto looking for love in a world where everyone seems to have found their person except him.

Asked why he decided to participate in the campaign, Jamie said finding love is hard and complicated.

“What’s the damage if you’re getting a little help? This is giving love a chance, basically.”

To facilitate the love match, Chicken Licken created an app called Tender and is asking all South African women looking for love to create a profile and possibly match with Jamie.

The app describes Jamie as someone who likes music, movies, anime, gaming and travel, with the description: “It’s me. Jamie. And I am really looking for love. That Love Me Tender kind of love. Real love.”

Jamie said he is looking for someone who is down to earth, someone who is a “thinker” and who is funny.

“I’m looking for women,” he said.

“Age range, I think 24 to 32. People like saying ‘I don’t see colour’. I don’t get that idea but I’m more attracted to people than whatever racial group or background or demographic you come from.”

What can a potential partner look for in return?

“There’s what people call ‘the vibe’. I’ve got the vibe.

“One thing I’m definitely going to offer is whatever time you’re going to spend with me, I promise we will come out of this better people. We’re going to be happier [and] more peaceful. I aim to try to make you a better person and love you a whole lot.”

A music producer by profession, Jamie said music is particularly important.

“I’m generally around music so chances are [the person I end up matching with] is going to love music. It doesn’t matter what genre.”

If you think Jamie might be a match for you and want to give love a chance, sign in on Tender, create your profile and follow the instructions.

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