What the stars have in store for you

19 November 2023 - 00:00
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What's in the stars for you this week?
What's in the stars for you this week?


October 23 — November 21

Your financial planet is on the fritz, so no big money deals before early next year. Much more important is your growing need for an interesting change. Your life has become much too predictable, and this week’s life-shifting energies are just what your tattered heart needs. Stay alert, and be ready to dive into something fascinating at a moment’s notice. Flexibility is the key — combined with a willingness to laugh at literally everything.


November 22 — December 21

Everything in the house falling apart? The message is to re-direct your frustration to somewhere useful and more creative. Write down your thoughts (beginnings of a book?). Or get on a plane. Travel is always your best therapy — and the “mindless fun” planets are urging you on to madness. Or you could stay home and argue with everyone in sight — if that’s your thing. Either way, not much will be achieved this week. Might as well kick back and order a whisky.


December 22 — January 19

Power struggles (what’s new) are masking a deeper issue that will soon need fixing. The point is, who can you trust you if you don’t trust yourself? Time to put an end to this lunacy. The ego is a very boring place to live. Put it down for a while. That aside, money improves — although you’ll have to watch yourself with those confusing contracts. At home, kick out the baggage, and make space for your soul. Some inner peace will make sense of it all.


January 20 — February 18

Your personal planet is still playing up, cramping your style and playing havoc with your self-esteem. The good news is that no-one but you will notice. The bad news is that you’re convinced they’ve already spotted what a loser you are — and you’re heading for the hills. Come back here at once — and listen up. You’re so odd that no-one notices when you’re slightly odder. And secondly, you’re not going anywhere. You have work to do. January brings big — fabulous — changes.


February 19 — March 20

Family driving you nuts? Ignore them when they’re petty, and make sane suggestions when they’re not. But mostly ignore them. Your focus is money, and you’re about to get some. Get some advice before you spend it all on single-handedly saving the planet. Ever heard of investments? Get some advice from someone who actually cares about you. You’re still learning how to balance giving and receiving. Both are necessary to make you whole.


March 21 — April 19

You’re wanting something new, and raiding the shopping malls in search of distractions. This is a bad idea. The planets are simply pushing for a deeper look into hidden patterns — so they can help you toss out the details that no longer serve you. Don’t be afraid. You’ll look far more interesting without the baggage. Besides, all that money spent on garbage is eating into your savings. Keep it for your next adventure. Coming soon.


April 20 — May 20 

Feeling rejected? Stomping off in a huff? Swearing never to trust anyone again? Go ahead. Mourn the changes — but then rewrite your dreams. The planet of abundance is with you, sending alternatives and offering help. Use the next six weeks to explore your options. By January, you’ll understand what it was all about. Meanwhile, do whatever it takes to feel desirable again. Passion — any kind — is a basic requirement for success in any form.


May 21 — June 20

The pace is picking up, leaving you gasping. Might as well chuck out the diary this week, as nothing is going according to plan. Scary, yes, but rather interesting if you’re willing to climb aboard. Needless to say, you’re more focused on what you don’t have, than what you do. So, if your personal needs aren’t being met, make a gratitude list — just to show you’re not taking anything for granted. After that, make space for new love. It’s waiting for an invitation.


June 21 — Jul 22

Sometimes the occasional dramatic disruption is just what you need to yank you out of your rut. The truth is, we have our plans, and the universe has its. This week, they won’t coincide. Your best option, then, would be to clear your diary and prepare for madness. It’ll be much more fun if you’re relaxed enough to welcome the changes. Meanwhile, have lunch with some friends. They’re starting to feel neglected.


Jul 23 — Aug 22

Finances need another look. It could be your strategy is off, or that too many debts have crept in. And just because you think you’re invincible, doesn’t mean you are. Actually, it’s more likely that your frantic love life has distracted you from your course. Remember, it’s not really necessary to have a hundred lovers to prove your point. More than one can be very time-consuming. Not to mention, expensive… obviously.


Aug 23 — Sep 22

So much for that cool, detached thing you love to do. The trouble is, love barges in whether it’s invited or not. What’s more, it doesn’t always arrive appropriately dressed. Time to enrol in something creative — art or music — to help find manageable outlets for your emotions. And then look again. Being in love is actually fun — once you open your heart. The career, meanwhile, soldiers on regardless. You can get back to that later.


September 23 — October 22

You could try the lottery — but let that be an end to your gambles. That new deal needs more research — and a couple more weeks — to reveal its true nature. Meanwhile, the goddess of love and beauty has arrived, bringing you romance and expensive dinners that you’re not paying for. If you’re thinking holidays, book now. The planets are sending some fun. And you’ve certainly earned a break — if only to calm those frantic nerves.

Your Chart: Ayousha Natha 

  • June 29 1989, Johannesburg, 20:10

  • Sun sign: Cancer
  • Moon sign: Taurus
  • Rising sign: Aquarius

You’re a natural leader — destined to make a great deal of money. Your stumbling block is your inflexibility and unwillingness to experiment or take risks. At the moment, you’re feeling alone and even abandoned, but by next year you’ll be in a much better position to make the kinds of choices facing you. Your personal life is also in for a big change as you decide to commit next year — either leaving or staying for good. Your greatest challenge is to avoid making money your god, and to focus on developing other parts of yourself. Even so, you understand money very well, and can comfortably make it work for you. Next month, your career will get an unexpected boost — but by March you’ll be considering a complete change. These are exciting times for you. Courage is all you’ll need to make the most of the many opportunities coming your way. Trust yourself to make the best choices, and you will.

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