Your weekly stars March 31- April 7

What the stars have in store for you

31 March 2024 - 00:00
What do the stars hold in store for you this week?
Image: 123RF/Oksana Mironova What do the stars hold in store for you this week?

ARIES (Mar 21 — Apr 19)

Wild decisions made purely to prove a point will lose you both money and credibility. Concentrate instead on being constructively assertive — and making the kinds of choices the leader in you understands so well. You’ll also need to watch the impulse spending — though a brief trip might be nice. Get someone else to pay for it and call it business. One thing though — communications take a three-week break from Tuesday. Start trusting your instincts now. They’ve always been your greatest gift.

TAURUS (20 Apr — 20 May)

Skewed thinking is causing problems in every area. This is not your fault — it’s just that time of year. But you’d be wise to clarify everything you say — in triplicate. Also, make sure you know exactly what the others are asking for — or you could waste valuable effort on wrong information. Finances are calming down, though, with a happy surprise coming later this week. That aside, though, try not to plan anything big until next month. The planets are messing with your head. Be extra patient with yourself.

GEMINI (May 21 — June 20)

Agreements and plans are out the window. The emphasis now is on walking away from guilt and finding your true calling. Not easy — but more exciting than you dared imagine. The trick here is to keep going — even if you have no idea where you’re headed. And if the destination takes longer to reach than you’d hoped, concentrate on enjoying the ride. The planets have adventurous plans of their own. Say ‘yes’ to everything.

CANCER (June 21 — Jul 22)

You have a mission. It’s to acquire wealth. At this stage, you’re not even sure what you’ll do with it when you’ve got it. Not the point. For now, the Cancerian soul needs to prove to itself that it’s worthy of abundance. Just as well. Your love life is wobbly, and the family has issues with you. Keep going with the money thing — it’s working. And for now it’ll distract you from the tedious emotional issues you’re not quite ready to deal with. Next month for that.

LEO (Jul 23 — Aug 22)

Clearly, balance is what’s needed. One side of you wants to be silly and mindless. The other is nagging on about unpaid bills and unmet deadlines. Time management is the answer. Fortunately, finances aren’t too bad, so you can afford to focus on creative plans and new ideas. But keep to your schedule. And allow extra time for inevitable delays. The communication planet is taking a three-week break. Watch your mouth. Concentrate on being brilliant.

VIRGO (Aug 23 — Sep 22)

Been having a hard time? It’s not quite over, but it’s definitely lightening up. And if your friends disappoint you when you need them most, perhaps it’s time to find a few new ones. Or not. Bottom line: the planets are testing every aspect of your life. This week, you’re keen to find out who really cares. Start by caring for them. The universe always gives back what you send out. Besides, you’re a natural leader. So lead. Let them know what’s needed for you all to succeed. Pride is boring.

LIBRA (Sep 23 — Oct 22)

For once, you’re not taking love for granted — or, worse, announcing that you don’t need anyone else to make you happy. Hopefully, that’s true. But it doesn’t mean you don’t want anyone in your life. No matter. The macho displays have passed and you’re valuing the people around you. The career, meanwhile, is taking off on its own. You’ve made a plan — and it’s finally panning out. Wear something delicious. Count to 10 before making any big decisions. You’re on a roll.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 — Nov 21)

Friends are what you need now. They’re the ones who can reach inside you and pull out your potential. For some reason, you aren’t threatened by anyone you don’t think you’re in love with. But then, maybe you’ve never lost a close friend. In short, value your friendships. And wait for the light to shine on your creative efforts at work. The planets shift on Tuesday, highlighting your intuitive side. Start trusting yourself. You’ll be amazed.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 — 21 Dec)

Communications are off and you’ve had enough. Don’t take it out on the traffic. In fact, until May, get someone else to drive. Or take up deep breathing. Mind you, you could always use this powerfully creative energy to develop a new plan. Harness the power of these fabulous instincts and redesign your world. Money’s up and prospects are good. Hold off on the love decisions until you feel better — and focus on yourself for now. That’ll keep you busy.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 — Jan 19)

No rest for the wicked — isn’t that what they say? Well, it’s definitely the kind of thing you’d say. But for now wickedness might be a good thing. That well-behaved, ordered, bizarrely controlled Capricorn energy has left the planet for a while. You have cosmic permission to transform any area of your life that no longer pleases you. So, no, rest is not an option. But adventure definitely is. Get busy. Make a list of dreams.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 — Feb 18)

Your health is better, which means your mood is better, which means your friends are coming back to find you. Out with that “nobody loves me” drama and in with the “when will I ever get a moment’s peace” complaints. Much better. Annoyingly, you’re still working like a dog — but not for much longer. A well-earned break is on its way. And for once you really do believe you deserve the best. Write that on the mirror. Remind yourself how fabulous you are.

PISCES (Feb 19 — Mar 20)

You’ve admitted it at last. Even you need money to have a good life. Which means practical skills like money management and bill-paying need to be mastered. The strange thing is, Pisces is either the greatest business person — or the worst. Boundaries are needed. You’ve been undecided about whether to give your money to every sad case or hoard it under your bed. Look for a middle ground. There is one, you know. Your instincts are at their peak now. Trust yourself to make the best moves.

Your Chart

Beauty Bosmont (7/11/75, Cape Town, 9pm)

Sun sign: Scorpio

Moon sign: Capricorn

Rising Sign: Gemini

You’ve grown up strong, independent and terrified of trusting anyone. And right now it’s the lack of trust that’s causing problems. In love, you’ve never been quite sure what you wanted — as long as it was a grand passion. The only trouble is, you’ve never let anyone get close enough to see the real you. Your first area of mastery, then, is about trusting yourself to bring the right kind of people into your life. The next planetary requirement is about expanding your dreams until you unearth the many talents you have hidden from yourself. Luck and abundance are available if you open yourself up to the multitude of fabulous opportunities coming your way. Ambition is one thing. Pride is another. If you’re too proud to try in case you fail, then you will. If you give yourself a chance to explore your options, you’ll start doing fantastically well, very quickly. If you’ve recently lost something big, it’s because the universe is making space for something bigger. Keep going. The planets are with you.

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