A bookworm’s guide: the best books to read this festive season

Settle down this festive season with one of these great reads

20 December 2017 - 11:02
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If you’re looking for a good book to read on a staycation or a road trip, here’s a list of the latest books to hit the shelves. Because local is always lekker, we’ve decided to give you a few recommendations written by South African authors.

You may just struggle to put these books down!

65 Years of Friendship by George Bizos

Genre: Autobiography

Beautifully written, this story depicts the close bond between George Bizos and Nelson Mandela. Bizos, a human rights lawyer who campaigned against apartheid, details important events in his life and Mandela’s. He also describes his first-hand experiences in fighting against the much-despised apartheid laws. Learn how Bizos fought for Mandela when he faced the death penalty for plotting to overthrow the unjust government of the day. Love, support and brotherhood – you may need to have some tissues at hand.

Handmade Gifts from the Kitchen by Alison Walker

Genre: Cookbook

This book couldn't be more fitting for the festive season. It has tips on everything from gift wrapping to creating perfect marshmallow hearts. It may also release your inner pastry chef with more than 100 recipes and pictures to show what the final product should look like. Every recipe comes with suggestions on packing and decorating to make it a gift for a special occasion. You’ll never run out of gift or dessert ideas this season.

Cold Case Confession: Unravelling the Betty Ketani Murder by Alex Eliseev

Genre: Crime

After moving to Johannesburg in search of a better life, Betty Ketani mysteriously disappeared from her job as a cook at a popular restaurant. However, 13 years later, a confession letter by one of her murderers was discovered and her case reopened. Was there only one killer or were there more? Surely they were convinced they had gotten away with her murder? This suspenseful true story, written by the journalist who initially broke the story, is a literary crime masterpiece. A riveting read!

Period Pain: A Novel by Kopano Matlwa

Genre: Fiction

Greed, corruption, crime and heartache: this book encapsulates the injustices affecting many South Africans. The author holds nothing back when she introduces us to Masechaba, a young woman who faces many trials and tribulations shortly after graduating from medical school. Working at a public hospital, she deals with the loss of her brother and the stigma associated with having a Zimbabwean friend in a xenophobic South Africa. A thought-provoking, gritting, local tale that intrigues the reader.

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