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When you read to your children, you invest in their future

10 April 2018 - 15:01 By Staff reporter
Image: Rico

We all have hopes and dreams for our children – that they will live happy, healthy and successful lives. We know that achieving these dreams takes effort on our part. The wisest investment we can make in our children is to give them our time – to listen to them, to talk together and to do things together.

All of these things happen quite naturally when we spend even a short time each day telling and reading stories together. When we share stories with children, we help to expand their world and build a firm foundation for their futures. How about investing in your children in some of these ways?

  • Read in their mother tongue. Reading stories in your mother tongue makes reading easier and more enjoyable. Try Nal’ibali’s growing collection of stories in a range of South African languages on its website or mobisite.
  • Read what they love. For children to love reading and to want to read every day, they need to enjoy what they are reading! Some children may like real-life stories while others like fantasy. Showing an interest in reading particular types of books is a sign that your child is maturing as a reader. So, let them read whatever sparks their interest.
  • Read printed books. Young children learn a great deal through their senses. It is therefore important for them to have the experience of touching and holding printed books and turning their pages. After all, nothing beats the feeling of curling up with a good book.
  • Read on a cellphone. In South Africa, 48-million of us use cellphones! Older children often enjoy reading on a cellphone. This technology means they can read anywhere and at any time. Explore Nal’ibali’s mobi-library.

Whatever it takes, get your children reading material that interests them every day. Once you have helped them to unleash the power of reading in their lives, no one can take this gift away from them. Plus you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you have invested wisely in their futures.

Reading aloud to your children:

  • shows them that you value books and reading;
  • gives you things to talk about together;
  • builds a bond with them;
  • allows them to experience reading as a satisfying activity;
  • motivates them to learn to read for themselves and then to keep reading;
  • shows them how we read and how books work;
  • lets them enjoy stories that are beyond their current reading ability; and
  • develops their vocabulary and language abilities.

Try reading this story to your children

Read Everyone Is Special by Kai Tuomi to your children. You can also do the "Get creative!" activity at the end of the story with your children. Enjoy!

Play it forward: win and donate books

Two lucky readers can win 10 books each week and donate them to a school, reading club or library of their choice.

The third runner-up will win a Nal'ibali reading-at-home starter pack.

Books are donated by Tiso Blackstar Group and Jacana Media.

To enter, contact before 5pm on April 19 and give one reason why we need to read to children in their mother tongue. Include your name, cellphone number and physical address.

Winners will be chosen within two weeks. Terms and conditions apply.