Final winners for play it forward and win books

Thank you TimesLIVE readers

29 June 2018 - 07:55
Image: Rico


Stephanus Delie and Kekana Thorisho Ullenda have won 10 books each to donate to a school, reading club or library of their choice. Alina Ngutshane has won a Nal’ibali reading-at-home starter pack.

Over the past two months you, as the readers, have donated 100 storybooks to children across our country in South African mother tongue languages.

From a school in Lower Molweni in KwaZulu-Natal to a library in Gaansbaai in the Western Cape, children will be able to access books in Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans.

On Nal'bali's behalf, Jacana Publishers have couriered books to every province in the country.

Karen Hudson from Port Shepstone said: “Thank you so much for the gorgeous books we got. I am so excited about them. I love the African version of Rapunzel and three Billy Goats Gruff. The librarian has put them in the library and will read them to foundation phase at story time.”

Please keep watching TimesLive as we will be giving away more books in September.

Nal’ibali is growing a collection of stories in a range of South African languages. You can find them on the Nal’ibali website or mobisite.

Reading aloud to your children:

  • shows them that you value books and reading;
  • gives you things to talk about together;
  • builds a bond with them; allows them to experience reading as a satisfying activity;
  • motivates them to learn to read for themselves and then to keep reading;
  • shows them how we read and how books work;
  • lets them enjoy stories that are beyond their current reading ability; and
  • develops their vocabulary and language abilities.

Get your Nal’ibali supplement

  • Sunday Times Express (Western Cape) – English and isiXhosa – Sunday, July 22
  • Sunday World (North West Province) – English and Setswana – Sunday, July 22
  • Sunday World (KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng) – English and isiZulu – Sunday, July 22
  • Sunday World (Free State) – English and Sesotho – Sunday, July 22
  • Sunday World (Limpopo) – English and Sepedi –Sunday, July 22