4 cool jewellers whose bling won't break the bank

22 March 2015 - 02:00
By Kholeka Kumalo
You can expect geometric shapes and clean, simple lines from the pieces designed by Long Jean Silver.
Image: Supplied You can expect geometric shapes and clean, simple lines from the pieces designed by Long Jean Silver.

South Africa is never short of creative talent, so we’re shining a well-deserved spotlight on some jewellers whose pieces come with fair price tags.


The designer: Jeanie Elliott.

The collection: Fine, hand-crafted rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings made from silver, hemp, bamboo and gemstones.

The inspiration: “All our pieces tend to follow a love for geometric shapes and clean and simple lines. We incorporate colour in unconventional ways using interesting gemstones,” says Elliott.

Blow to bank: Between R190 and R480.

Buy it from:longjeansilverdesigns.co.za.



The designer: Anna Rosholt

The collection: The Beetle range is a mix of stackable rings and statement necklaces made of sterling silver and 18ct yellow gold-plated sterling silver and set with black and white cubic zirconias.

The inspiration: “My grandmother, who wore a lot of scarab jewellery collected in Egypt, and our local dung beetle. Although these prehistoric beetles are so small, they’re strong and tenacious. They push dung for a living, but are an important part of our ecosystem. I wanted a range as bold and beautiful as the beetles,” says Rosholt.

Blow to bank: Prices range from R395 for plain organic stacking rings to R7 820 for the beetle neckpiece.

Buy it from: facebook.com/annarosholtjewellerydesign.



The designer: Jessica Lea.

The collection: Gemstones take centre stage on sterling silver rings and neckpieces, showcased internationally for the first time at International Jewellery London last year. Yellow Jewellery’s aim is to combine function with art.

The inspiration: “I use stones because I like them. And I’m quite amazed that something can be so naturally beautiful. I think I called [my latest range] The New because I’ve learnt this past year that it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how much you want something to happen, if it’s not meant to be it’s never going to happen. And so sometimes you just have to let go and move on to the new,” says Lea.

Blow to bank: Between R450 and R650.

Buy it from:yellowjewellery.com.



The designer: Elske Nel.

The collection: The cutest trinkets featuring anything from bears, botany, and bicycles to teapots and skulls to tickle your fancy on necklaces, earrings and brooches. Made with wood, brass, stainless steel and leather.

The inspiration: “Nature. I try to capture this by stylising the shapes and curves of plants and turning it into jewellery pieces. I also love animals. I like designing quirky characters, each honed with its own interesting narrative,” says Nel.

Blow to bank: Priced from R250 for a necklace.

Buy it from:trinket.co.za.

This article is adapted from a piece originally published in Sunday Times Fashion Weekly. Prices correct at time of original publication.