One last bubbly for Jenny Andrew, a true SA style icon

Award-winning fashion editor and stylist Jenny Andrew has sadly passed away

08 October 2017 - 00:00
Jenny Andrew was always bold and stylish.
Jenny Andrew was always bold and stylish.
Image: Instagram/@jennyinjozi

On a recent Sunday morning Jenny Andrew and I took a spot of breakfast and champagne (as one does) at the One and Only.

She was in fine fettle - dressed in her favourite pyjama suit, neon yellow sneakers and bright blue glasses. The whole effect of nonchalant and effortless style topped off with her signature red bob.

We had spent the evening as guests of Gucci at the opening gala of the Zeitz MOCAA - the party incomplete without her original presence.

Jenny's free-wheeling conversation was, as always, witty, smart, cultured, self- deprecating, kind and delightfully amusing - the light-hearted embodiment of her ageless being.

Always interested and interesting, whether relating the story of the shoot where the crocodile made an uncomfortable guest appearance traumatising the crew, analysing the latest political scandal with penetrating insight or delighting in her wonderful daughters, she kept you hooked between drags of her elegantly balanced cigarette.

A proud stalwart of South African fashion without whose regular, supportive presence, strong body of work and encyclopaedic knowledge of design, the industry as a whole will be much poorer. Her perennial excitement and enthusiasm for fashion and its ability to magically transform the prosaic into the sublime was infectious and truly inspirational. A true style icon.

The idea that our partner in crime, the inimitable Jenny in Jozi, will not pop up as we scan the room at some Joburg social event or in the FROW, breaks our communal heart. We raise a glass of bubbles to Jenny from our fashion block.