IN PICTURES | Bizarre beauty trends that went viral in 2017

The year 2017 has been nothing if not surprising - particularly in terms of quirky hair and makeup trends. We take a look at some of the outlandish beauty concepts that went viral over the past 12 months

21 December 2017 - 12:53 By AFP Relaxnews
Glittery tongues abounded on Instagram feeds in 2017.
Glittery tongues abounded on Instagram feeds in 2017.
Image: 123RF/tverdohlib


Glittery makeup ruled this year, but the look peaked over the summer when ‘glitter tongue' took off on Instagram. The sparkly craze saw fans dousing their tongues in glitter for the ultimate disco aesthetic, but the idea met resistance - for the simple reason that there are obvious health risks with swallowing non-edible glitter.


Wiggly lines became an unexpected beauty hit in September with the birth of ‘Squiggle brows,' a concept that involved crafting the eyebrows into a wavy shape and using makeup to exaggerate the artistry.

Hundreds of beauty fans took to social media to show off the results via the hashtag #squigglebrows, spawning the offshoot for ‘Squiggle lips', too.


One of the first viral beauty trends of 2017 was for ‘glow in the dark' hair, which saw beauty fans use multicolored dyes to create a pattern of neon hues that glowed under UV light. T

he eye-catching look proved popular on Instagram, with advocates showing off their luminous locks in loose waves, braids and buns using the hashtag #glowinthedarkhair.


The regally bizarre ‘brow crown' hit the news in November, courtesy of aspiring Danish makeup artist Sofie Petersen. The beauty fan created the look by brushing her brows upwards to form pointed tufts, before adorning the tip of each point with a gemstone sticker for a dazzling result that has received over 12,000 likes on Instagram. The reaction was mixed, but that didn't stop the concept from going viral.


Beauty fans began matching their manicures to everyday objects over the summer, in a movement that was sparked by a post earlier in the year by Twitter user @alinamarie____, featuring her new pink nails perfectly color-matching a slice of ham.

Social media users took up the idea, and both Twitter and Instagram were soon awash with photos of people matching their nails to everything from cold-drink bottles to seats.