WATCH | How shampoo brands fake ad-worthy hair using fishing rods

06 April 2018 - 00:00 By AFP Relaxnews
A scene from American beauty brand, Suave Professional's, new ad campaign.
A scene from American beauty brand, Suave Professional's, new ad campaign.
Image: Suave Professionals/PRNewsfoto

If you've ever coveted the kind of glossy, rippling hair seen on shampoo ads but felt that it was unachievable, you're not alone.

According to American beauty brand Suave, 74% of millennial women believe that creating campaign-worthy styles at home is an unattainable task - and with good reason.

In a new video, Suave has lifted the lid on the tricks that some beauty companies use to create larger-than-life volume or undulating waves in their adverts — this includes using fishing rods and green screens as well as pinning styrofoam balls to models' heads.

WATCH | Suave exposes some of the 'tricks' used to give models luscious locks in shampoo ads

"Throughout my career, I've seen many of these tricks up close, whether it's on a movie set or a cover shoot," said Ursula Stephens, Suave Professionals celebrity hair stylist, in a statement.

The clip is part of Suave's stripped-back new campaign, which eschews the above-mentioned gimmicks and instead features models styling their own hair, using the brand's products.

"Our research showed that most women don't believe they can get the hair they see in hair care advertising and that really stuck with us," said Jennifer Bremner, marketing director for Suave. "We wanted to show her beautiful hair that she could easily get on her own, which is why our models did their own hair."

The campaign is the latest of several beauty ads shunning industry illusions for a more honest approach.