Denim Rehab: how to easily give your tired jeans a designer update

Can't bear to part with your fave pair of jeans even though they're past their prime? Afrikan Swiss' Denim Rehab service will stylishly upcycle them for you

08 July 2018 - 00:00 By Nothemba Mkhondo
Old becomes new with Afrikan Swiss' Denim Rehab service.
Old becomes new with Afrikan Swiss' Denim Rehab service.
Image: Supplied

Local brand Afrikan Swiss is known for unique denimwear with a creative twist. Now the brand is giving your much-loved denim pieces a stylish update with their Denim Rehab service.

"A lot of people have old denim they do not know what to do with. Since denim is timeless, we thought: Why not revive our clients' favourite pieces for them? Denim transcends generations and maintains its quality and that's where Denim Rehab steps in", says designer Thato Matabane.

"We use old jeans from clients and create something new depending on what they want. Some want their torn and out-of-shape jeans revived and we do that by deconstructing and fixing them. But we also add an Afrikan Swiss touch to them so they look almost new. Some want us to make dresses or even jackets out of their old jeans. We also use old jeans from clients to cover their couches or make other soft furnishings."


1. Get creative and paint your denim using fabric paint.

2. Use a pair of scissors to alter the length of your jeans or a jacket's sleeves to give the piece a new look. 

3. Use sandpaper to refine and distress the denim for a vintage look.

4. Give your denim added texture by hand stitching patterns onto it.

5. Hand patch different fabrics onto your denim in any design or pattern for added character.

• Looking to get rid of your denim? Afrikan Swiss will be creating a collection from denim donations and 30% of the profits will go towards their education trust.