It's hard to believe these stylish jackets were once plastic bottles

Everlane's ReNew collection is a great example of innovating through recycling

06 December 2018 - 13:24 By Jordan Major
Everlane's ReNew collection includes styles for men and women.
Everlane's ReNew collection includes styles for men and women.
Image: Everlane/Twitter

Anyone who has even the most minimal knowledge of current affairs will be aware of the importance of sustainability for all industries. However, what many don’t know is the fashion industry is one of the most environment-unfriendly, particularly the manufacturing process. There is a growing consciousness of the impact on the environment of what we buy, and how it is made, and retailers locally and abroad are looking to find solutions.                              

One brand that is innovating through recycling is San Francisco-based Everlane. Over the past few years, it has become known for offering quality basics at reasonable prices, while operating with transparency on their ethical supply chain.

Recently they announced a line called ReNew - outerwear, such as puffer jackets, parkas and fleeces - made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. The range of classic garments comes in a selection of neutral tones, with offerings for men and women.

Everlane founder Michael Preysman has said each piece should last “five, 10 years plus” and can be recycled again once discarded.

The ReNew material is certified by bluesign, a Swiss organisation that advocates for environment-conscious manufacturing and supply-chain management. Other brands to have this level of certification include The North Face and Patagonia, both of which claim to serve the planet as well as their customers.

While Everlane is not the first brand to use recycled plastic - G-Star and adidas, for example, have also - they are the first to commit to phasing out virgin plastics to use only recycled materials by 2021. Sustainability never sounded (or looked) so good.