Best & worst dressed celebs on the 2019 SAMAs red carpet

It's fair to say that many of the biggest stars in local music failed to hit a fashion high note at this year's South African Music Awards

03 June 2019 - 00:00 By Ricci-Lee Kalish
Reason and LootLove served major heat on the #SAMA25 red carpet.
Reason and LootLove served major heat on the #SAMA25 red carpet.
Image: Kyle Zeeman

All roads led to Sun City for the biggest night in SA music — the South African Music Awards (SAMAs) — on Saturday.

The SAMAs are not just about the awards ceremony; the red carpet is an event in it's own right. We just wish our local celebs would realise that, because maybe then they'd start serving us sensational looks.

However, the 2019 SAMAs red carpet was nothing short of disappointing. It was a night of peacocking, ill-fitting garbs and pieces most fashionistas would not be caught dead in.

Here's which celebs' outfits stood out for all the right — and all the wrong — reasons:



God bless LootLove for saving the day at what was, overall, a disheartening event from a fashion standpoint. Her statuesque number screams "I only sit in the front row, darling". It's chic and timeless with a millennial twist. The styling was on point too.

We'll admit we're nitpicking, but we have just one note for the celeb: in future, please don't wear underwear we can all see. It's so distracting and wholly ruined the silhouette. That said, thank you for being the semblance of fashion at this years SAMAs.


The singer's gown is lovely, the colour perfectly complements her skin tone, but the styling is all wrong. The hairstyle, for starters. Her makeup choice was a little severe and dark for this kind of flirty number, and the lack of jewelry bothered us. One big turquoise ring would have been perfection. But the dress certainly was cute, so for that alone, Miss Modiselle qualifies for our best dressed list.


Melanie Bala brought some much-needed class to the SAMAs' red carpet. The host for the evening was better dressed than 99.9% of the celebs who attended the event.


The rapper served up some real 'Fenty' fashion vibes with his belted blazer. We appreciated the fit, pattern and bold colour choice of his outfit, but the shoes were a real misstep. A great pair of loafers would have complemented this look better. 



The rapper may have bagged the Newcomer of the Year and Female Artist of the Year awards, but she won't be getting any fashion awards from us. Bold does not mean beautiful as we can see with this train wreck of an outfit.

Yes, Sho Madjozi has a particularly playful and colourful aesthetic — and we respect that — but her SAMAs outfit seemed contrived, ill-informed and, to be blunt, an undeniable push at peacocking. We get it, Sho is cool, she doesn't need to try so hard.

Sho Madjozi on the #SAMA25 red carpet.
Sho Madjozi on the #SAMA25 red carpet.
Image: Kyle Zeeman


What we have here is a classic case of 'too much of a good thing'. Pink has become the it colour for red carpets, but you can go overboard and end up looking like a disheveled flamingo a la Kelly Khumalo.

Miss Khumalo's stylist should be given the boot, along with that awful fascinator which is everything but fascinating (see what we did there).


Sadly, our darling Simmy seemed to have been snubbed by the SAMAs this year, and now we're going to snub her too. We've got a lot of time for this aesthetic, but we don't think it's best served here. The colour is gauche, the styling tacky, overall, wholly soulless, which is ironic as she is the most soulful singer. Better luck next year?


Whatever happened to a lovely suit? Sticking to the 'cliched' suit and tie meant that the country would have focused on Sjava's epic SAMA wins instead of chuckling at his fashion choice — many social media users said it looked as if he'd dressed up like a 'taxi boss' for the evening.