Nike troubleshoots everyday exercise issues with innovative sports bras

A good sports bra can change a woman's enjoyment of sport, says Nicole Rendone who designed them. She tells us more

13 September 2020 - 00:00 By
A sketch of the Nike Ultrabreathe Sports Bra.
A sketch of the Nike Ultrabreathe Sports Bra.

Now that we've become a nation of sports fanatics — and I don't mean of the spectator variety (we've always been that) — we need to take sports apparel a little more seriously.

Losing our freedom of movement (while embracing our bra-less selves) for the past few months has made people more eager than ever to get out and get active on the roads, promenades, trails, beaches and parks of our beautiful country.

Although doing exercise is great for improving health, women, in particular, need support from their bras or the downside could outweigh the benefits. Physical activity makes breasts bounce up, down and in a figure-eight, which can be painful, uncomfortable and cause sagging.

Sports bras are made to reduce this movement. Breasts have no muscle, and without proper support, the skin and Cooper's ligaments (ligaments near the breast that give them their size and shape) can break down, leading to the dreaded sag. Once Cooper's ligaments stretch out, they don't bounce back.

According to Nike senior creative director for women's bras and innovation Nicole Rendone, sports bras have a much harder job than everyday bras. She says a good sports bra can change a woman's enjoyment of sport, and that should happen effortlessly.

"Women already face enough complications in their daily lives," says Rendone. "A sports bra shouldn't be one of them."

She's designed the One-Piece Pad Sports Bra and the Ultrabreathe Sports Bra to help resolve everyday problems:

The Problem: Two uneven, misplaced or misshapen pads.

Though they can give great shape, pads can also make boobs appear asymmetrical. They're hard to insert and harder to smooth, or they fall out in the wash, never to be paired correctly again.

The Solution: Swoosh One-Piece Pad Sports Bra. One pad solves the uneven, misshapen and misplaced-pad problem with a top-loading, singular bra pad (that also serves as a pocket system for storage).

The Problem: Boob sweat and a wet bra that stays wet

The Solution: Ultrabreathe Sports Bra. A light, moisture-repelling bra that uses sweat mapping as a guide to see where women typically sweat and where they need more breathability.

Every woman needs a good sports bra that offers support and comfort.
Every woman needs a good sports bra that offers support and comfort.


1. Make sure it fits properly. Your breasts shouldn't bulge. Pay attention to any bulging at the top or near the underarm.

2. The cups shouldn't have any wrinkles or gaps. If the cup fabric is wrinkled, try a smaller size.

3. Make sure there's nothing rubbing or chafing around the armholes, straps or seams. Jump up and down, jog in place and do jumping jacks.

4. Like a good husband, your bra should feel completely supportive. If not, keep looking.