Ingenious or downright dangerous? We rate TikTok beauty hacks

Our beauty editor weighs in on the reserve foundation trend, lash glue full lips and more

04 November 2020 - 08:58
By Nokubonga Thusi
TikTok users are turning to lash glue in their quest to have a plump luscious pout like celeb Kylie Jenner.
Image: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic TikTok users are turning to lash glue in their quest to have a plump luscious pout like celeb Kylie Jenner.


This hack to achieve plump lips à la celeb Kylie Jenner gets points for ingenuity, but that’s about all. It sees people applying a bit of eyelash glue to the top of the lip just above the cupid’s bow then, once the glue is tacky, flipping the lip upwards and pressing it down onto the glue to secure. The same can be done with the bottom lip. The end result is a seemingly fuller, fish-like pout.

The verdict: What in the Kardashian is this hack? This faux full lips trick might last long enough for a catfish-style selfie, but you wouldn't get a full day's wear out of it. It looks uncomfortable and you're likely to rip off some top lip peach fuzz in the process. So it's a resounding no from us — especially as some media reports indicate that people may be dangerously using superglue to do it.


Using socks to create wavy locks sans a curling iron is not a new beauty technique but we're glad to see it make its comeback, TikTok style.

All you've got to do is raid your drawers for long socks, dampen your hair and section it into four parts. Secure a sock at the top of one of these sections with a clip. Divide the hair in that section into two smaller sections and spiral them around the sock. Gather the ends together with the end of the sock and secure with a hair tie. Complete the whole head, sleep with your sock “curlers” in overnight and unravel in the morning for heat-free waves.

The same hack can be used on your wig, just leave it on a stand overnight.

The verdict: Try immediately.


TikTok users are buzzing about this hack which promises to deliver that Instagram-filtered matt foundation finish. To achieve it, all you've got to do is apply all your products in the reverse order to the way you'd normally apply them.

Start with moisturiser, then buff a loose, translucent powder into the skin and spritz with a setting spray. Apply a primer and then your foundation as normal. The end result is longwearing, matt, poreless coverage.

That said, the reverse foundation hack is not without its flaws. After a few minutes, the foundation starts caking and settling into fine lines; any dry patches are going to be magnified as is any uneven skin texture. The application of liquid or cream highlighters or blushes thereafter is uneven as these formulas do not glide seamlessly over the skin.

[Caution: video below contains swearing.]

The verdict: If you love dewy finishes or have dry or dehydrated skin, best give this hack a hard pass.


Purple shampoo is TikTok famous and, at first, we were scratching our heads as to why. After all, this hair-care product has long been considered an essential for blondes and silver foxes who want to maintain their hair colour by combating the yellow and brassy tones that can make it look dull and unrefined.

But purple shampoo is now not only being used in the shower, but for selfie opportunities. Many blondes on social media are applying copious amounts of the stuff on dry hair because the deep violet hue of the shampoo makes it look like they’ve had a radical dye job. For the big finish, the shampoo is then washed out to reveal renewed platinum locks.

The verdict: Is this even a hack? It seems like more of an experiment.


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