Awww! The Kiffness lent his famous suit to a fan for their matric farewell

But where exactly did the celeb get that 'ridiculous' garment in the first place?

14 November 2020 - 07:30 By Toni Jaye Singer
David Scott, aka The Kiffness, in his famous floral suit complete with a matching hat and bowtie.
David Scott, aka The Kiffness, in his famous floral suit complete with a matching hat and bowtie.
Image: Press Image/The Kiffness

Musician and viral meme maker David Scott, aka The Kiffness, is known for his quirky sense of humour — and thanks to a particular outfit, for his quirky sense of fashion too.

The famous garment in question is a three-piece suit in loud print. Let’s put it this way, anyone who wears it certainly won’t be a wallflower.

Wanting to stand out at his matric farewell, Cape Town student Jonathan Bouwer hoped to get his hands on a suit with similarly “eccentric floral theme” to wear to the event.

When Bouwer failed to find one to hire, he went on social media and hit up The Kiffness for a favour. “Could I please borrow yours?” he asked.

Scott did the “kiff” thing and said yes to his fan. After all, as he posted on Facebook, “This is what the internet was made for”.

This is what the internet was made for ❤️

Posted by The Kiffness on Sunday, October 25, 2020

Social media got the feels when Scott and Bouwer met up in October for the handover and again after the celeb recently posted a follow-up on Instagram, sharing snaps of the matriculant and his mates at their “unofficial” dance.

“I commend [Jonathan’s] parents for raising such a fine young gent,” wrote Scott, saying that Bouwer had recently returned the suit “dry-cleaned with a very kind gesture of a lekka bottle of wine and flowers for my wife”.

Seeing Bouwer’s photos “really warmed [his] heart”, said Scott, adding that they gave him “hope in what often feels like such hopeless times in our beautiful country”.

They warmed our hearts too.

The story behind Scott's 'ridiculous' suit

It’s not every day you spot an eclectic flower power suit at the shops, so where exactly did Scott source his?

He told the Sunday Times that he had it custom-made while travelling in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Materials are so cheap there, I thought: ‘Let me get a ridiculous suit’,” he explained.

“So [my wife and I] chose a material that resembled grandmother's curtains and the suit got made within 24 hours. I now use it for my onstage performances.