Tito Mboweni goes chiskop and the streets are a mess!

21 January 2021 - 11:05
Tito Mboweni has a fresh new haircut.
Tito Mboweni has a fresh new haircut.
Image: Tito Mboweni's Instagram

New hair, who dis?

Finance minister Tito Mboweni had the social media streets deep in their feels on Wednesday after he posted a picture of himself with a fresh new haircut.

The minister took to Twitter to show off his chiskop, next to a picture of his old “do”.

The minister must have been impressed with the new look because he even made it his new profile picture - to the amusement of many.

Soon the TL was flooded with comments about his hair, with some saying it was nice to see him trending for something other than his culinary skills. So the minister gave the people what they wanted and posted a picture of his dinner too, packed with pilchards, peppers and onions.

Still, the streets couldn't stop commenting on Mboweni's new hairstyle, asking whether he would cut the budget like he had cut his hair, and editing the snap: