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Will skin icing give you an instant glow? We tried this TikTok beauty hack

Our beauty ed adds a couple of ice cubes to her skincare routine

26 February 2021 - 01:01 By nokubonga thusi
When icing your skin, expect a bit of redness around the eye area as the skin is more sensitive and thinner there, says our beauty ed.
When icing your skin, expect a bit of redness around the eye area as the skin is more sensitive and thinner there, says our beauty ed.
Image: 123RF/Vladimir Gjorgiev

What is skin icing?

Social media users are rubbing their bare faces with an ice cube in the hopes of achieving firmer, glowing skin. 

At first glance, this hack doesn’t sound like anything new, as it borrows from the theory of using an ice globe roller or a jade roller placed in the fridge to get a similar effect. 

Why try it?

Beyond giving your skin an instant glow, incorporating this ritual into your skincare routine on a regular basis promises to reduce swelling, inflammation and acne redness, control oiliness, minimise pores as well as tighten and lift skin.

Models and celebrities swear by skin icing and the testimonials from some in the TikTok community say that it’s changed their skin for the better in just one week.

How to do it:

  • It’s a shock to the skin as to how cold the ice cube is so it’s recommended that you wrap it in a cloth or wet wipe, or place it between two cotton pads, to make it easier to hold and so it'll feel less cold.
  • Icing of the skin should happen after cleansing.
  • The ice cube should be rubbed over the face in circular or upward dragging motions until melted.  
  • The frequency with which you choose to ice your skin is completely up to you, as long as it's not more than once a day. For maximum effect, make icing part of your daily skincare routine, either morning or night. If the chill is too much for you, try every second day, or ice only on special occasions when your skin needs a glow boost. 

What happened when I tried it?

Immediately after icing, my skin felt surprisingly plump, bouncy and looked radiant due to the blood circulation being improved.

Would I do it again?

Absolutely. In fact, since trying it out the first time, skin icing has become a part of my skincare routine and I've noticed my skin has a plumper texture and a more glowing appearance.

I've also noticed that my make-up is more long-lasting and less oil-prone when I ice before application.

Plus it helps to temper the hot weather, which is an added bonus.

Is there anyone who shouldn't try it?

Skin icing is a pretty harmless treatment with not many adverse effects.

However, if you have a super sensitive skin, using an ice cube directly on the face is not advised as the cold temperature may be too harsh, as evidenced by ice's reddening effect on sensitive areas such as the delicate skin around the eyes. 

If that's the case, rather wrap the ice cube in a cloth or opt for an icing tool like an ice globe roller for a more gentle treatment.