WATCH | From 'distracted' high school kid to profitable clothing customiser in two years

09 April 2021 - 07:00

Customised sneakers are everywhere in 2021 and so are the people who design, draw and paint them but in 2019, they weren't as popular as they are today. Two years ago there was a gap in the market for a sneaker and denim jacket customiser and that's how and when 20-year-old Zhano Samuels started his businesses called

Because Samuels jumped at this idea two years ago, he had a head start in standing out. In 2021, he has sold, designed and painted many sneakers and denim jackets for clients around SA.

From a young age, Zhano's teachers noticed an artistic streak in him as he was always drawing in class. Anwynn Cole, one of Samuels' former teachers, said he was very smart about getting away with drawing in class. He would have his school books out covering his sketchbook, so it always seemed like he was listening or working.

Cole said she didn’t always feel like there was a reason to reprimand him for drawing in class as his work was usually done and, if anything, she is proud she let him get away with it from time to time because of what he is doing now.