Still loving ‘Euphoria's’ beat? Here are four ways to get the beauty look

We look at the new, expressive mood of makeup as we gravitate back to maximalist interpretations.

08 April 2022 - 12:48
By Nokubonga Thusi
A model wears the infamous
Image: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images A model wears the infamous "Batman eye" makeup from Chanel's spring/summer 2022.

Disco glitter with a slightly grungy twist, a gentle nod to the wildly playful energy of the noughties and more than one way to flick your liner — the current mood of beauty has never been so exciting.

Straddling the line between being of the times yet remaining bizarrely trendless, the borrowing from different eras all at the same time reflects the whirlwind of a world getting back on its feet.

There are no rules — just gravitate towards a mood and expression that feels good to you and go for it.

The return of TV series Euphoria has definitely reignited everyone’s creative juices, and once again we find the runways and streets awash with glitter and sparkle, only this time the approach feels more gritty, carefree and grown-up.

With rhinestones, shimmers and iridescence across every part of the body, one could say that glitter is the sparkling security blanket holding everything together. Frankly, we’re all here for it. Here are four tips to get the look:


The Mod era makes its return with pulled apart elements to create a nostalgic elegance. White eyeliner, double-liner wings and drawn-on lashes: the iconic Twiggy eye is stripped down to reveal a more timeless approach. At Dior, white under-eyeliner gave a subtle nod to the 1960s that still felt modern,without any black liner or bold lashes.


A huge favourite in 2020 and 2021, black liner has taken an unexpected turn. At shows such as Chanel and Alexandra Moura, models’ eyes featured broad, graphic, razor-sharp eyeliner flicks that borrowed from 1970s rock band KISS, with spikey double wings jutting from the outer corners or spidery edges piercing the inner corners.

Model poses at Alexandra Moura show.
Image: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images Model poses at Alexandra Moura show.
Twisted pigtails steal the show at recent Victor Glemaud collection.
Image: Jenny Anderson/Getty Images Twisted pigtails steal the show at recent Victor Glemaud collection.


We never thought we’d see the return of the noughties so soon, but the nostalgia may be just what we need. Pop-princess, baby-doll hair trends reign as zig-zag partings, banana clips and space buns takeover the runways. At Victor Glemaud,models had twisted pigtails fastened with bobble ties, while at Altuzarra, baby braids stole the show.

Liquid glitter dripped down to resemble sparkling tears dominated on the runway.
Image: Supplied Liquid glitter dripped down to resemble sparkling tears dominated on the runway.


At the Marco de Vincenzo, Giambattista Valli and Coperni shows, models were adorned in maximalist sparkles by way of smatterings of rhinestones on the face like be jewelled freckles, liquid glitter dripped down to resemble sparkling tears or packed around the eyes as the main attraction, sans eye shadow, liner or colour.

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