Five ways to help you unleash your inner-thigh guy

The new flex in menswear is a pair of teeny-tiny shorts. Here's how to spin your own style with this hot new trend.

05 August 2022 - 13:11
By Thango Ntwasa
Influencer, Yu Masui, embraces the call for more men to hike up their shorts.
Image: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Influencer, Yu Masui, embraces the call for more men to hike up their shorts.

Whether its summer or winter, in the world of fashion it seems plenty of men are starting to embrace skimpy shorts.

While trends in the '80s also embraced this fun approach, it's the varied ways in which today's menswear has found a way for the trend to thrive that catches the eye.

Whether you've got a little base to your booty or like to dress prim and proper, here is how you can work the sexiest mode of the season.


While some might call it plus-size, for many black folks the correct term is thicc, which refers to a curvy-bodied person. The allure came to its zenith when Black Panther's Winston Duke had many movie fans at his feet, especially for his affinity for wearing shorts.

His approach to the style is a lot more casual, embracing his stocky build. The look prioritises comfort, so opt for looser fits and soft fabrics such as mesh for board shorts or stretchy cotton and recycled polyester for athleisure. 


If twinsets and floral outfits aren't your cup of tea, keep it polished and go formal instead.

Look no further than Lee Pace on how to dress the look up. Knee-high socks go great with boots or high-tops if you are trying for something more casual. Calf-length socks won't make you look like a schoolgirl if you wear low-rise shoes.

The best way to rock this style is to wear the same shade of colours so it doesn't look childish or all over the place.


This is also a trend credited with starting the thigh-guy craze. With all the gains people were making it was mainly about wearing the kind of shorts that showed off the rewards. 

For those who love the aesthetic appeal of trends, recreate this look with distressed pieces such as concert tees or ripped shirts or shorts. The best option for a night out is a matching set in silky fabrics that give off that luxury pyjama feel à la LeBron James.

Your best bet with this trend is high-cut running shorts. Look for second-skin or hydrophobic materials if you are planning on being active.


If you are the kind of guy who's watching his figure, fret not, there's a pair of shorts for you. High-end brands such as Prada embraced the trend, particularly for men with slinkier bodies. Local top model Denetric Malope has been rocking these on and off the runway. Create shapes with box coats, jackets and T-shirts if you are insecure about your shape.

Not shy? Try tank tops or tight-fitting sweaters. Play with designer logo sweater vests paired with pearl chokers or scarves for an androgynous look.


As a hotbed of multiple social media trends, street-style stars tend to have a dressed-down approach. In particular, with normcore's diversion from glamour, street style tends to be more attainable with leg room for self-expression.

Yu Masui does this with vibrant colours that borrow from kidcore while looking reminiscent of Virgil Abloh's street-luxe appeal. Have a little fun, like Yu, with androgynous items by playing with kilts or miniskirts to get tongues wagging.


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