Cool Cape Town spots that are putting the art back into artisanal ice cream

18 February 2017 - 02:00 By Kit Heathcock
Can't decide on a single flavour? Unframed offers tasting flight of five individual scoops.
Can't decide on a single flavour? Unframed offers tasting flight of five individual scoops.
Image: Supplied

Whether you favour gelato or its close cousin, ice cream, these two delightful new shops in the Mother City are a must-visit. They each make a superb product from scratch using only real ingredients and no preservatives.

Moro Gelato on Long Street

You may have indulged in a Moro gelato at the OZCF (Oranjezicht City Farm) market, but now you can spend any weekday deliberating over a changing selection of genuine gelati at the elegant new shop in Long Street.


“We believe in the full taste of real ingredients, so rich in flavour that they don’t need a bunch of toppings and hundreds and thousands,” say Stefano Moro and Heine Van Wyk. “Just like Italian cuisine, simplicity and freshness are the key.”

Their signature scoop, nocciola, is made from finely ground Italian hazelnuts and you can taste the difference. The sorbets, made only with fruits currently in season, are intensely juicy.

All in all, there are 14 flavours to taste test including some creative new additions: the milk tart sums up that South African favourite in one scoop, the salt caramel popcorn is a light and fun twist, and the popular Marchese is a full-on dessert in itself.

Unframed on Kloof Street

Unframed is the vision of French-born Yann Rey, who decided that Cape Town deserved ice cream that was the real deal. The shop on Kloof Street makes everything from scratch on site and the rotating selection of 10 flavours always includes a choice of vegan alternatives made using coconut milk.


“We design our own recipes and use real food ingredients,” says Yann. “Dirty sea salt caramel, burnt white chocolate, vegan turmeric latte or vegan jasmine rice lemongrass are up there in our top sellers. We've come up with 35 new recipes since we started.”

The flavours on offer change daily: a vegan coconut raspberry impresses with its creaminess and intensity, a refreshing lemon and lime with basil is tempting, but the dirty sea salt caramel is the clear winner.

If you can’t decide, go for the tasting flight of five individual scoops. And optional toppings include organic super foods like raw white mulberries and spoils like cookie crunch and cardamom chocolate.


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