Parkhurst’s new boutique liquor store is all about 'experiential buying'

18 February 2017 - 02:00
By Belinda Mountain
Parkhurst now has its own boutique liquor outlet, Dry Dock.
Image: Supplied Parkhurst now has its own boutique liquor outlet, Dry Dock.

Lovers of the finer things in life will be glad to know that Parkhurst now has its own boutique liquor outlet, Dry Dock, owned by Martin Pienaar and Jonah Naidoo.

We chat with Martin to find out more.

Tell us more about the inspiration behind opening Dry Dock?

We felt that Parkhurst Fourth Avenue was so trendy and had such a great selection of boutiques and restaurants that it was a shame that there was no liquor outlet catering to the same market.

So when the previous owner indicated she would be retiring, we jumped at the opportunity to buy the store and revamp it.

We’re passionate about growing employment in South Africa and work with a youth employment incubator, Harambee, to source our talented staff, all of whom come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.


What makes Dry Dock different?

It’s a vibrant store offering experiential buying, where people can taste different products and meet winemakers and industry experts.

We support emerging brands and craft merchants wherever we can. For example, we’re the exclusive supplier of Anthology wines made by a Parkhurst resident, Christiaan.

We also offer free delivery of orders over R500, within a 10km radius.

What are some trends in drinks you’re noticing right now?

Gin is currently on the ascendancy in Parkhurst, accounting for nearly a quarter of our turnover last month!

We sold a lot of bubbly and Prosecco over the festive season and we’re also seeing a demand for white and Rosé wines in the summer months.

Can you advise customers on food and drink pairing?

Yes, definitely – customers often quiz us on what wines to pair with meals. Many experts are now bucking the old-fashioned trend of only serving white wines with fish/chicken and serving a light red like a Pinot Noir instead.

I love to pair a Sauvignon Blanc with crisp vegetables like asparagus and Chardonnay with a fatty fish like salmon.

To pair an oxtail stew or lamb shank with a big, bold red wine, say a Shiraz, is always a great idea too.

And your future plans?

We’ll continue sourcing exciting products for our customers and we’ll also offer weekly tastings for small groups in time. We’re also introducing a gifting service and a function service for corporates and private events.


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