A sweet tooth's delight: this Durban dessert bar holds nothing back

Siphiliselwe Makhanya pops into Plan B Dessertery to sample some novelty sweet street foods

12 July 2017 - 11:26 By Siphiliselwe Makhanya
A Rainbow Nation bubble waffle at Durban North's Plan B Dessertery.
A Rainbow Nation bubble waffle at Durban North's Plan B Dessertery.

Word on the street is that newly opened Plan B Dessertery's bubble waffles taste as fun as they look.

Last week I decided to find out for myself. Being no fan of overly sugared concoctions, I decided it would be fairest, for balance, to take along my three-year-old - the person with the sweetest tooth I know. Her grandmother, on the opposite end of the sugar tolerance spectrum, came with us.

Serving a colourful array of novelty sweet street foods, the new store is the latest addition to the Mackeurtan Avenue restaurant mile in Durban North.

I most looked forward to trying out its bubble waffles - known as egg waffles in their land of origin, Hong Kong. They are wrapped into a conical shape and loaded with ice cream and a variety of confectionary bits and pieces in Plan B's local take.

As I bit into the "Chocoholic" - on the advice of the server - I understood why the Hong Kongese traditionally enjoy the snack plain.

The bubble waffle is a delightful, if slightly eggy treat. It's interesting texturally and the bubbles are a lot of fun to eat. If you're a ritualistic eater, like I am, you'll get a lot of joy out of isolating each bubble for consumption.

The edges between the bubbles are crisp and slightly crunchy while the bubbles themselves are soft and chewy.

I loved that they aren't aggressively sweet - this goes well with the richer sweetness of the chocolate ice cream. Served warm, you have to be quick because it is ice cream and chunks of Oreo biscuit topped with a dollop of foamy cream.

The staff would do well to regularly taste-check the dairy products because our dollop tasted like it was going off.

The dessert taco, another novelty, proved my kid's favourite because it is straight-up sugar.

We ordered the Sunbow - vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, mini Astros and sprinkles in a sweet waffle cone "wrap".

The toddler had a lot of fun fishing out the Astros while the rainbow segued into a mud-coloured puddle at the bottom of the container. It was too much for me - the waffle itself is sweet enough without the rest, but I doubt this was created with the likes of me in mind.

Most familiar were the churros - our third order - which took longer to make than the other two items.

They arrived fragrant with cinnamon and almost plain-looking alongside the fabulous concoctions that had preceded them. They were the closest thing to a warm dessert of the trio.

The churros themselves were okay but the caramel sauce they came with had a thin quality and that odd after-taste characteristic of factory-made foods.

• This article was originally published in The Times.