What makes Marble's gourmet butchery a cut above the rest?

David Higgs and Gary Kyriacou of Marble Restaurant in Rosebank, Joburg, recently launched The Butchery by Marble. Chef Higgs tells us more

13 August 2017 - 00:00 By Roberta Thatcher
David Higgs and partner Gary Kyriacou at The Butchery by Marble.
David Higgs and partner Gary Kyriacou at The Butchery by Marble.
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What makes The Butchery by Marble different?

Aesthetically, you'll know you're somewhere special. It won't feel like a butchery. Irene Kyriacou, who designed Marble, has made it really beautiful.

There's also a retail side. Irene had many great crafters make products for the restaurant, like plates by ceramicist Mervyn Gers, and little wooden butter knives which will be available in the shop.

There'll also be a small wine bar, with 10 tables of two, where you can enjoy a coffee, or a glass of wine with cold meats and cheeses.

What meat can we expect to find there?

Everything from beef, lamb and chicken to pork, rabbit and game. We'll also have convenience products like deboned and rolled chicken that you just chuck into the oven. We'll have cured meats and specially prepared vegetables, like asparagus wrapped in Parma ham.

We want to be able to showcase different areas of the country and what South Africa has to offer, so we'll have lots of specialty products and different cuts.

Many of us buy our meat at supermarkets. What are we missing out on?

Interaction. You develop a relationship with your butcher. You're made to feel welcome, he knows what you like and what you buy. The quality and selection is better.

Develop a relationship with your butcher ... he knows what you like
Chef David Higgs

Who are your meat heroes?

Fergus Henderson at St John Restaurant in London. He has real respect for the animal and uses the entire carcass.

From a butchery point of view, Victor Churchill Butcher Shop in Sydney and the beauty of what they do. It feels like you're in a jewellery shop, they really show off the meat.