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Jozi's best spots to enjoy a boozy brunch

11 November 2017 - 00:00
Pablo Eggs Go Bar's Eggs 'n soldiers.
Image: Supplied Pablo Eggs Go Bar's Eggs 'n soldiers.

Favoured by those likely to be found Instagramming their meals, brunch is becoming increasingly popular.

From sweet, syrupy pancakes topped with bacon, to chewy bagels piled high with cream cheese and shakshuka (Middle Eastern/North African dish of poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce), restaurateurs are shining a light on fantastic brunches.

Here are our top picks for brunch and bubbly in Joburg:


At Pablo’s you’ll always find a queue stretching around the corner at the weekend, but it’s worth the wait.

Complementing the delicious breakfasts (think signature English muffins, Yemeni flatbread and bacon wrapped asparagus spears) is a menu of Bloody Marys that are guaranteed to make your whole meal unforgettable.

If you’re not a vodka fan you can always opt for the Red Riding Wolf Bloody Mary, with Bombay Sapphire gin, or try the Amigo De Pablo Bloody Mary, made with Jose Cuervo tequila.


You won’t need to look much further than the food to want to grab brunch at The Whippet.

However, you’ll be glad to take a look at the rest of the menu because it’s there that you’ll find an exquisite selection of drinks to accompany your meal.

Trust The Whippet for a light delicious meal.
Image: Supplied Trust The Whippet for a light delicious meal.

The Whippet takes the mimosa to a whole new level, with combinations like the Coconut and Vanilla Mimosa (made with vanilla-and-coconut-cream-infused sparkling brut with fresh coconut shavings) and the Jasmine and Ginger Mimosa.

Come for brunch, stay for lunch and then enjoy afternoon tea.


You can’t call yourself a true Joburger if you haven’t tried a Salvation Cafe breakfast.

In a spot that feels like it could easily be down a trendy Shoreditch side street, Salvation Cafe’s amazing breakfast burritos and American pancakes have kept hungry Joburgers coming back for brunch for years.

Nothing pairs with them better than a delicious glass of bubbly, which is why it’s so great that there are four delicious options on the menu. Cheers to that!

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