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Baba G's winning fans with their fully-loaded flatbreads

14 November 2017 - 00:00 By Belinda Mountain
Baba G sources the best possible ingredients for their fresh salads.
Baba G sources the best possible ingredients for their fresh salads.
Image: Facebook/Baba G: Deli

If you’re strolling past Baba G in the Post Office Centre in Illovo, Joburg, it might be the striking yellow and black decor that catches your eye or the smell of freshly roasted chicken in the air. Either way, if you decide to head inside and pick something up from this rotisserie deli offering “Afro-Mediterranean” flavours, you won’t be disappointed.

Husband and wife team, Daniel and Clemmy Forsthofer, joined the food industry six years ago when they left their corporate jobs to start a small business specialising in paella, called Tutto Food Co. They’ve since worked in the top food markets and festivals in Joburg, and done catering for private events.

Baba G is the next step in expanding their Jozi food offering. “Our small menu is made up of spiced free-range chickens, in-house flatbreads and fresh salads,” says Clemmy. 

The menu is small so they can focus on sourcing the best possible ingredients. Their chickens come from a freerange supplier called Tulanie Abattoir, outside Viljoenskroon, and are free from antibiotics and hormones.


According to Clemmy, their lafa wrap is their most popular item.

Baba G's has a sunny, welcoming feel.
Baba G's has a sunny, welcoming feel.
Image: Supplied

“Our lafa bread is made with unbleached, stoneground flour and prepared in the ancient Druze style, where it’s rolled, tossed by hand, stretched out and then cooked very quickly on the saj, which is a hot bread dome,” she says.

This results in a super thin wrap that you then fill with pulled chicken or aubergine.

“The aubergines used in our baba ganoush are roasted over an open flame, giving this dip a wonderfully deep and smoky flavour,” says Clemmy. The duo love their baba ganoush so much that they named their brand after it.

At the lafa bar, there’s a wide range of fillings to choose from, including their in-house dips, fresh items prepared daily, pickles (all homemade) and sauces to drizzle on top. All of this then gets rolled up and toasted so that it’s warm and crispy on the outside.

“It’s a perfect meal for when you’re on the go. We make everything in-house and this definitely reflects in the freshness of the flavours,” says Clemmy

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