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3 new eateries in the Cape Town CBD that are already old favourites

We chat with restaurant owners who first built their brand - and following - in one of Cape Town’s suburbs and then opened a second branch in the CBD

01 December 2017 - 00:00
By Kit Heathcock
Jarryd's in Church Street.
Image: Supplied Jarryd's in Church Street.


Jarryds in Sea Point is known for creative all-day breakfasts, quality local ingredients and excellent coffee. Owner Jarryd Segal says there are lots of positives to opening in a residential area. “You can trade seven days a week, in the off season we have local support and customers are less time-sensitive, so there’s a smoother flow.”

Classics such as eggs Benedict, omelettes, sandwiches and the quirky toast bar are popular at the new Church Street branch. “We have refined our offering for the CBD, making it more approachable and slightly faster, with some simpler takeaway items, to keep up with the CBD hustle and bustle. The clientele is fantastic and we really enjoy the environment.”

 Kleinsky’s Delicatessen.
Image: Supplied Kleinsky’s Delicatessen.


A favourite with Sea Point locals since 2014 for New York-style breakfasts and luscious smoked salmon bagels, Kleinsky’s recently opened its second branch at The Piazza on Church Square.

“So many fans of our Sea Point branch were begging us to open up in town and we love the energy in the CBD,” says owner Adam Klein.

“A lot of the clients here have never heard of us before, so it’s like starting all over again, which is exciting and fun. There’s definitely a lot more of a takeaway aspect in the CBD, with many people only having limited time for lunch, so we’re focusing on being as efficient as possible.”


This friendly Newlands burger joint prides itself on making everything fresh in-house, from pasture-raised beef patties to tomato sauce and burger buns.

“We were always interested in opening another location and when the right site came up in town we decided to take our chance,” says owner Murray Beattie.

Banks Burger.
Image: Supplied Banks Burger.

The offering for the new CBD branch on Loop Street is the same as Newlands so that customers can have a familiar experience. “It’s been great. We haven’t noticed much of a difference in terms of clientele or trade, I think the markets are very similar.” 

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