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No ordinary rotisserie chicken: Jozi deli's Afro-Med fare is addictive

Baba G in Illovo is sure to attract a loyal coterie of food groupies, writes Jono Cane

13 December 2017 - 12:05 By Jono Cane
Baba G's food is perfect for sharing.
Baba G's food is perfect for sharing.
Image: Bronwyn Cane

Over the years, Illovo's unassuming little Post Office Centre has attracted many discerning foodies; loyal patrons of Assaggi and the Patisserie. Newcomer Baba G will certainly be drawing its own groupies, attracted by its yummy Middle Eastern-style rotisserie chickens and sides.

The little deli has a casual atmosphere and an ironic attitude. The interior is a mix of old-school corner-cafe and contemporary cool. Two small tables sit outside; a little spot to wait for your order and people-watch.

The rotisserie is at the back, manned attentively by expert cooks with thermometers, constantly testing and tending the chickens.

Baba G has a casual vibe.
Baba G has a casual vibe.
Image: Bronwyn Cane

The chickens are free-range, hormone- and antibiotic-free, and locally farmed.

You can order three different ''Afro-Mediterranean" flavours - classic herb and salt, Middle Eastern lemon and North African hot and spicy, and they come whole, half or quartered.

Along with the chickens is an assortment of clever, witty little salads, like the ''Afro", North African carrot and red cabbage salad with almonds and toasted cumin dressing, or the ''Auber-genie", roast aubergines topped with diced red pepper and herby garlic vinaigrette. ''Lafa" flatbreads are fired as you wait.

We ordered all three types of chicken - we can't tell you which flavour we liked best, except that we liked them all very much.

The spice favours are uniformly delicious and the chickens are the best we've tasted in as long as we can remember.

All the good words you say about chicken - tender, juicy, crispy, finger-lickin'-apply. The salads and breads, as well as the home-made hummus and baba ganoush, made for a feast table that was bright, fresh, abundant and definitely not the last time we'll visit Baba G.


Whe to go:  Get there early enough to book your place in the chicken queue.

Who to take:  Don't take anyone - do the pick-up and bring home lunch for everyone else.

What not to do:  Don't leave without a large tub of the amazing hummus and smoky baba ganoush.

What to drink:  The lemon and apricot slushies are freakin' delicious!

Who you'll see: Moms and dads with bored tweens, Illovo locals and food lovers.

How much you'll need:  A full chicken is R130 and a large salad is R60 - mix and match.

Address: Shop 21, Post Office Centre, Illovo