Yield has perfected the art of the takeaway coffee

If you're looking for a spot to get your early morning caffeine fix in Linden, Joburg, this is it, writes Catherine Black

06 June 2018 - 15:24 By Catherine Black
Few places are as focused on takeaway coffee as Yield.
Few places are as focused on takeaway coffee as Yield.
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If you’re familiar with Linden, you may already know about Yield, the unassuming yet consistently popular co­ffee shop tucked away on Sixth Street.

While it’s true that there are other places to get good co­ffee in the suburb, it’s hard to find somewhere that’s as focused on co­ffee as a takeaway item as Yield. 

In the two years it’s been open, owner and Linden local Marelize Swart has seen a steady bank of regulars grow. Today, they make up more than 80% of her customers.

She tells us more:

Why did you open Yield?

I used to work in a corporate banking environment, so I did the whole commute to Sandton thing. As I’d leave the house in the mornings, I’d be dying for a decent co­ffee on my way to work, but I struggled to find it. I loved the idea of opening a quality neighbourhood co­ffee place that wasn’t inside a huge shopping centre.

Yield offers a selection of sandwiches, salads and pastries.
Yield offers a selection of sandwiches, salads and pastries.
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Describe the Yield concept

Yield is all about counter service. It was never our intention to open a full restaurant, because we have a very small kitchen, and I wanted to keep things simple and uncomplicated.

We focus on selling great co­ffee and a small selection of sandwiches, salads and pastries – our breakfast egg and bacon muffin is a favourite.

We also open very early, from 6.15am, so early birds can grab their co­ffee before work or after their morning run or cycle.

Who are your clients?

Lots of working professionals and Linden locals, as well as pupils from the high school across the road and their parents.

When I was looking for the space, one of the things I noticed was how many parents were sitting in their parked cars in the afternoons and I thought about how they could be sitting inside a co­ffee shop instead.

How would you describe the Linden community?

Very inclusive, and that’s one of the things that’s played a big role in our success. There’s a sense of community among local business owners in that we really support each other, rather than there being too much unhealthy rivalry.

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