Behold, the eco-friendly flat wine bottle

19 September 2018 - 13:37 By AFP Relaxnews
Garçon Wines flat wine bottle.
Garçon Wines flat wine bottle.
Image: Garçon Wines

A flat wine bottle designed to fit through mail slots and letterboxes for deliveries in the UK has been given a nod at a packaging and design awards. 

Made with 100% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the bottle design by Garçon Wines in the UK is touted as a shatterproof, eco-friendly alternative to heavy glass bottles that reduces shipping, weight and delivery costs. 

The design was given a Diamond Finalist Award at Dow's Awards for Packaging Innovation recently. 

Taller and slimmer than conventional glass wine bottles, the flat bottle holds the standard 750 ml of wine, but is 87% lighter and 40% smaller (spatially) than its glass equivalent. 

That translates to more compact storage, more efficient shipping methods and less carbon emissions for transporting wines. 

Canned and boxed wines have also been touted as more environmentally-friendly packaging alternatives for reducing weight and shipping costs.