Mirari Pink Shimmer Gin is the prettiest craft tipple in town

Time Anchor Distillery's special Shimmer edition is gin that's been dressed up for the party season

28 November 2018 - 00:00 By Lucy Sarah O’Connell
Mirari Pink Damask Rose Gin Shimmer Edition.
Mirari Pink Damask Rose Gin Shimmer Edition.
Image: Time Anchor Distillery/Facebook

Hidden away in a beautiful corner of Joburg’s vibey Maboneng district, Time Anchor Distillery has spent the last few years creating some of the best spirits to come out of South Africa in recent history.

The City of Gold’s first craft distillery, and the only distillery in SA to be run and operated by a 100% female team, their limited edition Mirari Pink Damask Rose Shimmer Gin, is a taste that people just can’t seem to get enough of.

Founder and head distiller Shanna-Rae Wilby tells us why.

What do you think makes Mirari so special?

Mirari comes in four forms: Mirari Pink Damask Rose Gin, Mirari Blue Orient Spiced Gin (which magically turns pink when you add tonic), Mirari Amber African Botanics, and our special edition Shimmer Gin, which is only made twice a year and exclusively sold from the distillery. 

We’re looking at launching a new special edition series in the next few months.

Each of the gins is unique, I believe that the fact that the range (excluding the Shimmer) is 100% natural, with an incredible taste, makes them really special. Drinking Mirari is like a symphony of flavours on your palette.

Where did the name Mirari come from?

Mirari is a Latin word, which means “To marvel, or wander at”. We choose this name because when we were testing our Blue Gin with visitors to the distillery, they would all marvel at the colour change! 

What inspired you to make the Shimmer Gin?

When we were testing our Mirari range on visitors to the distillery (when it was in a development phase) people were really disappointed that the Mirari Pink Gin did not change colour, so that inspired me to look for something different and unique for that gin, too.

I managed to develop a Pink Gin that changed colour to Amber when tonic was added, but the pink was a very bright colour and I wasn’t happy with it, so after a lot of research and development I produced the Shimmer Gin, it was meant to be a once off for the launch of Mirari, but people have enjoyed it so much that its now produced twice a year.

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